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Artificial Intelligence – a beginning rather than an end

There was a time when our understanding of artificial intelligence (AI) was solely informed by science fiction. From dystopian futures to sci-fi adventures, we couldn’t have foreseen how useful AI would be to us in the future.

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Discover The Genius Way to Mind Map

Ideas can be hard to get off the ground. Sure, after the first few appear, things pick up and the ideas start rolling – but how do you get things going when you’re drawing a blank? If you’ve ever had a group brainstorming session which picked up just as the meeting came to an end, you’ll know what I’m talking about.

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Ayoa Neurodiversity

Tips for creating a more inclusive workplace

Work teams are at their best when everyone feels comfortable. Making your workplace more inclusive is a great and important way of empowering your employees so that everyone feels comfortable and able to work at their best.

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Stress awareness week: How to avoid burnout at work

As we approach the end of stress awareness week it seems an ideal time to talk about what we can do to prevent burnout in the future. Afterall, stress management is something we should practice every day – not just one week a year.

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