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Ayoa Imindmap

Import into Ayoa

Instantly import all of your mind maps from iMindMap (or from iMindMap Cloud) into Ayoa. With the touch of a button, watch your iMindMap creations appear in our exclusive mind map view.

Enable fluid collaboration

Once you’ve imported your .imx files into Ayoa, transform your ideas into actionable tasks so your thoughts can become a reality. Apply Ayoa’s time management, collaboration and prioritization functions, and you’ll be able to envision the finish line like never before.

Ayoa ImindMap


Do more with Imindmap and Ayoa:

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Bring your ideas to life

Import your Mind Maps into Ayoa’s powerful workspace to reach their full potential.

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From creation to execution

Generate your best ideas and turn them into real accomplishments with Ayoa.

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Focus on the ideas that require action

Add actionable tasks to specific branches so you can get the right stuff done.

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Visualize your tasks in Ayoa

A colorful and engaging approach to help simplify Task Boards.

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Collaborate with your team

Strengthen the way you work together with real-time collaboration.

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See who’s working on what

Reduce the need for progress and status meetings.

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Sync across your devices

Stay connected as changes to Ayoa update automatically.

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Task importance and urgency

Time management features help you work efficiently.

Plus much more…
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