How practical is your creativity?

The Decision Radar Profiler


Test your ability to apply functional creativity

Take Ayoa’s Free Decision Radar Profiler to find out both how creative you are, and how good you are at practically applying that creativity to your decision-making.

Built by creativity and innovation experts, Ayoa, this test will display your results in a visual radar so you can see your ideation strengths and weaknesses. With a clear breakdown of your skillset and handy hints on how you can improve, you can superpower your creativity like never before!

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Ayoa – be creative every day

Ayoa gives you the freedom to decide how you want to visualize your work.

Simply choose the view that works best for you.


Mind Map your greatest ideas

Use the visual thinking tool loved by millions to capture and develop your best ideas. Ideal for brainstorming, creative thinking and exploring untapped concepts.

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Choose how to view your tasks

Workflow View provides a linear, structured approach to task management, whereas Canvas View offers a more free-form approach to capture tasks as colorful circles you can categorize with ease.

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Seamless collaboration

From capturing those all-important first ideas, turning them into actionable tasks, and collaborating and communicating with colleagues, Ayoa is the only tool you’ll need to manage your everyday work.

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Clear overview of personal priorities

Visually schedule your tasks into Now, Next or Soon boards, so you can personally manage your tasks wherever they’re created.

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Multiple visualizations. But one that works just for you.

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