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August 23, 2015

Using Mind Mapping in academic research and project management

by Ayoa posted in Case Studies.

Ayoa | Using Mind Mapping in academic research and project management
Mind Mapping has can be used in many different ways for many different professions. Read below to find out how Dr. Luc Smolders DVM, PhD – Post-Doctoral Researcher and Veterinary Surgeon, uses Mind Mapping in academic research.

Supervising 20 projects on small animal surgery and coordinating 15 veterinary researchers, Dr. Luc Smolders sought a digital platform that could help with structuring research projects as well as the various demands of his team. With the research group undergoing remodeling and new project ideas arising all the time, iMindMap [Ayoa]* was selected to streamline his effective project management.

“iMindMap [Ayoa] is an outstanding tool to organize, explain, and create strategies, plans, and brainstorms.”

As a Post-Doctoral Researcher and Veterinary Surgeon, Dr. Smolders needed a visual tool that could document and explain complex research meetings. In collating information from his own research, and those of veterinary researchers and clinicians in his team, iMindMap groups the findings of meetings in an accessible, user-friendly format. Being able to condense all these findings and store them in a single place – as opposed to collecting mountains of loose notes – is definitely a key advantage of Mind Mapping. In addition, the versatility of iMindMap meant that Dr. Smolders could distill complex research meetings and keep all team members on board with discussion, without compromising on content.

“With iMindMap [Ayoa], progress reports can be effective and understandable, but also entertaining.”

Dr. Smolders felt that Mind Mapping provided a creative way to identify the team’s structure and explain it. Mind Mapping techniques lend themselves to a simplified and easily understood structure – something enhanced by the iMindMap [Ayoa] features. Such a feature could be the Insert Function which, in this example, could take a complex piece of text or research, and complement it with an image, video or extra link. In doing so, the insert function offers another layer to project management notes, drawing on multiple resources to optimize the audience’s understanding of the topic in hand.

Ayoa would like to thank Dr. Smolders for kindly sharing his iMindMap [Ayoa] experience with us! If you would like to tell us how Mind Mapping has helped you, please get in touch at contact@ayoa.com

*iMindMap has now become Ayoa. Ayoa combines the best of iMindMap’s Mind Mapping capabilities with Task Management and Instant Messaging to help you do your best work. Find out more about Ayoa’s full features and pricing plans.

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