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September 22, 2021 (Updated April 3rd, 2024)

The secret to a happier workforce

by Caragh Medlicott posted in Lifestyle.

Ayoa | The secret to a happier workforce
Conversations around workforces often gravitate towards productivity, yet a happy workforce is equally integral to the successful running of any business. Not only does it help with employee retention, it also fosters positive collaboration between colleagues and nurtures innovative thought. And – that’s right – it even increases productivity too.

You only have to look at yourself to see how this is true; like anyone, you work best when you feel happy, motivated and well-rested. When employees are happy – their work is better, the office environment is enjoyable, and everyone looks forward to coming to work. So, what’s the secret to making your workforce happier? Keep reading to find out three secrets to kickstart the joy.

Give employees time to daydream

This one can be a hard one to accept for a lot of bosses. We tend to think of work hours as being solely for – well – work, but what if I told you that daydreaming could not only make your employees happier, it could also make their work better? You see, contrary to popular belief, daydreaming isn’t just an exercise in timewasting – it is a valuable tool used by the brain so that it can get creative and come up with new ideas and solutions to daily tasks. Research also suggests that allowing the mind to wander might even have health benefits. So whether you introduce weekly mindfulness sessions, or simply give employees the license to dally and doodle when the mood arises, giving employees the chance to daydream will make your workforce happier and make the work they produce better too.

Maintain an open and honest work culture

Work cultures aren’t so different from the cultures you might associate with a particular country or city – they, too, come with their own expectations and conventions. For example, in a toxic workplace, you might find an overly competitive culture where employees have an “every man for himself” mentality. Or, in extreme cases, there might even be instances of bullying and intimidation, making work-life isolating and miserable for many employees. If leaders are not intentional in establishing a particular work culture, they may find that one develops without their active input. To avoid this, you can help to maintain an open and honest work culture by working with your HR department to set out clear values of kindness and acceptance. In practice, this means encouraging feedback from employees and working as a collective to continually shape the work culture into one which feels inclusive and comfortable for everyone.

Empower individuals to work together

They say there’s no “I” in team, but – like it or not – every workplace is made up of collections of individuals. You want those individuals to work collaboratively together, but in order for employees to be truly happy, they must also feel heard and seen on a personal level. It’s often all too easy for managers to fall into the trap of forcing the rest of their team to work in the way that best suits them alone. This could take many forms, whether it’s holding more meetings than the others feel comfortable with or insisting on the use of spreadsheets and lengthy emails for delegation. Opting for a workplace tool and hub which is flexible and inclusive is one way to combat this. Ayoa provides room for employees to brainstorm, communicate, collaborate and manage tasks – whether on a micro level or a marco one – in one holistic place, with room for multiple outlooks. This is because Ayoa is multi-view, meaning different employees can view the same work and projects in the way that best suits them (whether they’re visually oriented or prefer traditional, linear work management). By focusing work in this way, overall workforces are happier and empowered in both their personal work and the work they do with their teams.

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Caragh Medlicott

Caragh Medlicott is a freelance writer and interim Editor of Wales Arts Review. After graduating with a First-Class Honours degree in English Literature and an MA in Creative Writing from Cardiff University she began a full-time writing career in Wales. She is the author of several published short stories and was shortlisted for the Lunate 500 award in December 2020, and a finalist in Narrative’s 30 Below competition in 2021. She is a regular contributor to BBC Wales' The Review Show.

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