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March 23, 2016

Achieving start up success with Mind Mapping: case study from Toby Fenn

by Ayoa posted in Case Studies.

Ayoa | Achieving start up success with Mind Mapping: case study from Toby Fenn
In this blog post, entrepreneur Toby Fenn tells Ayoa how he used Mind Mapping to help plan, deliver and launch his company, Grad-Asia Ltd.
Case Study Grad Asia1

How it began

“After graduating in the UK back in 2010 and keen to secure a job, I sought frustratingly to align my interests and ability with a suitable career path. Limited by the domestic market, I widened my focus on potential avenues abroad, eventually deciding to pack up and relocate to Singapore. After a few weeks, I managed to secure a job in the finance industry, a Luxembourg based investment platform focused on business development across South East Asia.

Starting the company

Two years on, I decided to incorporate my own company, aiming to bridge the gap between ambitious, unfulfilled and recently graduated talent in the West with emerging opportunities in the East. Grad-Asia Ltd was incorporated in September 2012.

Effective communication with Mind Mapping

Mind Mapping software, iMindMap [Ayoa]*, plays an important role in the current implementation and overall strategy of Grad-Asia. In day to day operations, Mind Mapping is leveraged to capture and communicate each new client role that comes available, to the graduate applicants. Broken down to identify all the key potential growth avenues, skill set requirements, remuneration, and package detail, this gives each of our recruitment consultants a visually stimulating and detailed view of the role, company and industry.

Candidate screening

Each potential candidate is segmented into various key characteristics, customized for each role. Focus here is mainly on candidate academic background, aptitude and most importantly drive and ambition for a career in Asia. Similarly, marketing strategies, brand building and promotional channels are all drawn out and developed using a Mind Map.

Project planning & collaboration

A key challenge in our HR department is the matching of skill sets with a particular role, bound by time and location. Grad-Asia needs to focus on identifying suitable talent, communicating various risks and opportunities abroad and linking these in a timely and effective manner across two continents. Paramount to this challenge is the efficient organization, segmentation, storage and dissemination of information both internally within the company and externally to clients and candidates. iMindMap [Ayoa] is essential for managing this in an informative, creative and effective manner. iMindMap [Ayoa] has helped drive task allocation, project planning, collaboration and the monitoring of business activity.

“Fundamentally iMindMap [Ayoa] has become a rich, informative communication tool which effectively captures and integrates data, supporting the expansion of opportunity to growth.”

Leveraging visual, informative, open architecture tools is essential in identifying commercial opportunity and as with Grad-Asia, building international HR highways in today’s increasingly globalized economy.”

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*iMindMap has now become Ayoa. Ayoa combines the best of iMindMap’s Mind Mapping capabilities with Task Management and Instant Messaging to help you do your best work. Find out more about Ayoa’s full features and pricing plans.

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