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March 18, 2019

Say hello to seamless teamwork with DropTask’s [Ayoa] NEW feature: DropTask [Ayoa] Chat

by Megan Sylvester posted in Ayoa.

DropTask | Say hello to seamless teamwork with DropTask’s [Ayoa] NEW feature: <em>DropTask [Ayoa] Chat</em>
People are the lifeblood of any company. But what does it take to keep that blood pumping? Our latest update is about to transform the way you work with your team and help you keep productivity flowing every day.

Get ready for fluid and effortless teamwork with DropTask’s [Ayoa] latest update. Whether you’re managing a team, or want to work more effectively with your colleagues, read on to discover how DropTask’s [Ayoa] new feature, DropTask [Ayoa] Chat, can improve the way you work.

  you're worrying that you can't do the task well  

Now you’re talking

Because communication is the key to any successful team, we’ve introduced a conversational tool within the DropTask [Ayoa] app – so that all your interactions are in one convenient place. Our new instant messaging function allows you to send quick messages to your DropTask [Ayoa] contacts, rather than wasting time following lengthy email threads. So, whether you need to ask a quick question, finalize next year’s budget, or discuss a new marketing strategy, brand new DropTask [Ayoa] Chat has you covered.

DropTask [Ayoa] Chat appears in a handy sidebar that is visible wherever you are in DropTask. Without having to switch between applications, or even between DropTask’s [Ayoa] views, you can have group or one-to-one conversations seamlessly alongside tasks and projects – enabling you to reach ultimate productivity levels. Mark the contacts you work with most often as ‘favourites’ and they’ll pop to the top of your list for easy and instant access, making you more efficient than ever.


Hello, anybody out there?

More than just task management software, with DropTask’s [Ayoa] new Status Indicator, you’ll be able to view the online presence of everyone in your contacts list. A green dot next to your contacts’ avatars indicates who’s active online so you’ll know who’s around to work with, and won’t waste time waiting on a response from someone who isn’t. By knowing the status of your team members, you’ll always be kept in the loop, reducing waiting times and allowing everyone to work smarter, together.

  you're worrying that you can't do the task well  

Delegating work, works

You can do anything, but you can’t do everything. Bottlenecks can happen when too many responsibilities are being funneled through one person, stalling productivity levels. The key to successful teamwork and management is delegation. DropTask [Ayoa] helps you to delegate effectively and support growth within your team. With new DropTask [Ayoa] Chat, gone are the days when requests sent via email get buried in a teammate’s inbox, leaving you to do numerous, awkward follow-ups. With the click of a button, send a task to anyone in your DropTask [Ayoa] contacts list. By sending requests as actionable tasks rather than verbally or via email, they’ll never get lost or forgotten and those who are accountable, stay accountable. DropTask [Ayoa] allows you to add notes, attachments, and indicate levels of urgency as you assign tasks, meaning the context and priority level are always clearly conveyed.

DropTask [Ayoa] Chat provides a space to see what you’ve delegated and progress updates of individual tasks, so you can avoid frequent follow-ups and micromanaging. Regardless of which project the task has come from, you can view all the tasks that you have sent and received from specific teammates in two side-by-side tabs. We’re making it easy for you to assess workloads and delegate work accordingly.


Great expectations

An essential skill in both teamwork and leadership is being able to manage expectations, particularly when delegating work. Expectations are often unrealistic when assumptions have been made and there has been a lack of clear communication. That’s why we’ve created DropTask [Ayoa] Chat: a more transparent way of working. With the ability to add notes and due dates to tasks, your expectations will always be clearly set.

It’s not always easy to divide up work among team members when you don’t have an understanding of their workload. With a clear overview of responsibilities and workloads all in one space, DropTask [Ayoa] Chat provides a chronological outline of your interactions with a specific team member. By managing expectations, you’ll be able to avoid burnout and working overtime, ensuring a happier and more productive team.

To find out more about DropTask [Ayoa] Chat, click to watch our quick tutorial video below:


Are your team ready to check out NEW DropTask [Ayoa] Chat? Try DropTask [Ayoa] for free today and watch your team’s productivity levels soar.

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