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June 17, 2020

How intrepreneurial spirit is redefining innovation

by Louise Cunnah posted in Quick Tips.

Ayoa | How intrepreneurial spirit is redefining innovation
Intrepreneurs are a business’s not-so-secret weapon for success. Possessing the same amount of drive, passion, and creativity as an entrepreneur, but instead choosing to work for a company instead of creating their own, intrepreneurial employees can truly propel your business to the next level. Because they’re not afraid to take risks or swim against the tide, every business should be embracing intrepreneurial spirit to help them be more innovative.

Innovation is something that every business strives for – and if yours isn’t, it really should be. Anyone can take an existing idea and recreate their own version of it, but a business steeped in innovation will focus on problem-solving, be constantly evolving, and consistently bring new things to the table. Focussing on creating a culture of intrepreneurs within your business will help you to achieve just this.

In simple terms, an intrepeneur is an employee who thinks and acts like an entrepreneur. They bring the same (if not more) levels of passion and creativity to their work and are always striving to grow and improve. However, unlike those that do eventually go on to become entrepreneurs, these so-called intrapreneurs are content with not being the boss.

Your team may already be full of intrepreneurs – it might be that they just haven’t been given the opportunity to shine yet. In fact, many of the characteristics that intrepreneurs possess, such as great creativity and the confidence to take risks, can be actively developed with the right amount of time and attention. Everyone has the power to be innovative when they’re given the chance!

Here are some of the ways you can encourage intrepreneurial spirit and redefine innovation in your organization…

Allocate time for creative thinking

As we’ve already explained, intrepreneurial employees are often extremely creative and are not afraid to think outside the box, voice their opinions and throw different ideas to the wall to see what sticks – and it’s these assets that can help us to increase efficiency and generate great results. However, one of the biggest misconceptions around creativity is that it can’t be learned – many believe that you’re either a creative thinker or you’re not. However, the truth is that everyone has the ability to train their brains to think more creatively.

Whether it’s learning how to play the piano or being able to do 50 sit-ups, it takes practice for us to strengthen our muscles or develop a new skill – and the same applies to creativity. Giving your employees a day each month to switch off from their work and focus on a creative project of their choice (such as writing, drawing or crafting) will help them to exercise the creative parts of their brains and fine-tune their creative thinking skills, which can then be applied to how they approach their everyday work.

Get everyone involved in brainstorming sessions

Innovative companies are those which are constantly evolving and open to adapting, and that promote a creative and collaborative environment for their workers. They realize that everyone has the potential to generate great ideas, and welcome these from all areas of the company – from customer service to sales; from marketing to development. Intrapreneurs are not afraid to voice their opinions, which is one of the reasons why they’re so valuable to a business. So, make sure you encourage this through regular company-wide brainstorming sessions.

By getting everyone involved, employees will be feel appreciated and as though their opinions matter, making them less likely to become disengaged and instead igniting their intrepreneurial spirit. Your business will also reap the benefits of gathering a range of perspectives from people across all areas of the company, all with different experiences and opinions. Mind Mapping is a great tool for everyone to put their ideas together – and with Ayoa’s Public Mind Map Sharing feature, you can quickly and easily share your map for everyone to contribute to. Be sure to reiterate that no idea is a bad idea so that your employees are more likely to suggest innovative and ‘left-field’ ideas without fear of judgment!

Give intrepreneurs the opportunity to grow

Like entrepreneurs, employees with intrapreneurial qualities make great team leaders due to their confidence, passion, and desire to succeed. To keep them engaged and to inspire this spirit in other employees, give them the power to make more impactful decisions by promoting them to leadership positions within your business. No matter a company’s size, positive attitudes spread fast (as do bad ones), and if you employ managers that are motivated to succeed, this is sure to rub off on the rest of their team, which will naturally boost innovation.

Though it’s in the very nature of an intrepreneur to put a hundred percent into everything they do, fail to give them the opportunity to progress or feel as though they’re making an impact and they will soon become disengaged and be at risk of jumping ship. However, by arranging regular performance reviews and check-ins with employees, you can quickly determine who already possesses these great qualities in spades, and who may extra care and attention to help them reach this same level – and be sure to ask them what they need to help them get there.

Any business can become more innovative with the right people and tools. Ayoa, our flexible work management tool, inspires and encourages teams to think creatively through its colorful interface and customizable Mind Mapping tools, while its Task Management and Chat features enable you to put these ideas into action and ensure that everyone is on the same page. Try it for free today!

Louise Cunnah

Louise Cunnah has always had a passion for the written word, leading to her studying English, Media and Journalism at Cardiff Metropolitan University. Since graduating in 2014, she has held a number of different roles in marketing, both agency-side and in-house for brands like Ayoa. She loves taking on a challenge and has written content on a diverse range of subjects over the years, including horticulture, business management, telecommunications, health and safety, productivity, neurodiversity, and personal finance (to name but a few!).

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