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April 5, 2017 (Updated March 28th, 2024)

Case study: how full-stack marketer, Gerald Froehlich, created a seamless workflow

by ayoaredux posted in Case Studies.

Ayoa | Case study: how full-stack marketer, Gerald Froehlich, created a seamless workflow
Having worked in marketing for over 25 years, Gerald Froehlich was in search of a tool that could combine all of the different aspects of his work into one task management system. After trying out multiple project management and tasking tools during his lengthy career, Gerald’s approach was different to others in his sector. He was searching for a tool that offered creativity, visualization, integration and a seamless flow.

Gerald was relieved when he came across DropTask [Ayoa]* as he had found an app that worked exactly in the way that he wanted it to.

Gerard says: “As a Full-Stack Marketer and the Director of Froehlich Kreatives Marketing, I advise, accompany, and inspire entrepreneurs in marketing and communications. Having stood by essential keywords in marketing throughout the duration of my career, e.g. ‘understandable’, ‘ordered’ and ‘well structured’, I’d been unable to translate this method of planning into any task management tool that I’d come across. Even back in the mid-90s when I first began transferring all of my project management approaches onto the computer (and I think you’ll agree, those times were tough), I always wanted my tasks to be displayed and managed in an intuitive and engaging way.

After trialing almost every task management tool on the market, my hopes of finding a tool that worked the way my mind did was slim, but I didn’t give up – and I’m so glad I didn’t. After a long road, I came across DropTask [Ayoa], which provided me with a creative space and a clear way of managing key information in a way that worked for me.”


“I gained a seamless workflow experience”

“I use DropTask [Ayoa] in a very simple way, as it’s so easy to use from the beginning right through until the project’s completion. As DropTask [Ayoa] is used solely for my work needs, I’ve been able to say goodbye to wasteful hours spent buried in my inbox because I can manage all of my incoming and outgoing work in DropTask [Ayoa]. I do this by using the Emailing Tasks In feature (a really handy one if you’re constantly on the go). No matter where I am, whether that be on the bus, in the office, or at home, I can transport all of my emails into my DropTask [Ayoa] account, and this is where they’ll turn into actionable tasks. When I then return to my DropTask [Ayoa], a Notification is there reminding me of the project that I transported my email into.


I can do this whenever and wherever I am, via the iPad, iPhone and Desktop apps, as I know that my DropTask [Ayoa] will automatically update while alternating between all of these devices. My usual routine is managing and sorting my tasks on the iPhone app, and when I return to the office I control the finer details such as Status, Progress and Due Dates, on my desktop computer.

“I’m proud to say I’m a DropTask [Ayoa] aficionado”


“The UI is pretty unbeatable”

“As I am currently self-employed, I use DropTask [Ayoa] to help plan and manage my workload, depending on my client’s personal needs. Even though I’m using DropTask [Ayoa] for a single user purpose, I can see teams benefiting from the collaborative features available. With that being said, I do use DropTask [Ayoa] for meetings with clients e.g. when screen-sharing. Whenever I bring up DropTask [Ayoa] on an interactive screen, the audience are impressed by its truly stunning interface and way of turning mundane tasks into a visual masterpiece. It’s a fantastic way to present a crisp and clear visualization of the status of a project, and really is an excellent tool that makes visualizing task organization a stimulating and enjoyable experience.”

*DropTask has now become Ayoa. Ayoa has the same great task management capabilities that DropTask provided, with the added benefits of innovative and creative Mind Mapping tools to aid your brainstorming. Find out more about Ayoa’s full features and pricing plans.

Join teams and individuals just like Gerald by signing up for Ayoa for free today.

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