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December 8, 2014

DropTask on Android – Available Now!

by Ayoa posted in DropTask News.

Ayoa | DropTask on Android – Available Now!
*PLEASE NOTE – DropTask is now Ayoa – an all-in-one tool for idea generation and collaboration, that goes beyond traditional task management. Discover Ayoa and achieve your best work.*

DropTask is now available to download on Android!

It’s been a busy and exciting few months for us here at  DropTask, as we’ve been hard at work building and perfecting our Android app in order to bring you your projects no matter where you are. While on our mission, some of our PRO users were kind enough to help us out and test the Android app in beta before its official release. This is just some of what they had to say…

Having DropTask on my phone really increased my productivity when I was away from my desk. It also proved to be a great communication method for various functions and projects… The ability to do this while ‘in the field’ and away from my desk was both awesome and powerful. 

Stuart Long – Android Beta Tester

With DropTask on Android, you can take advantage of having your favourite features in your pocket, with the ability to attach files, assign tasks to friends and colleagues and set urgency and importance attributes to allow you to focus your attention where it’s needed most.  With all of this at your fingertips, you can look forward to a wonderfully fluid and flexible user experience that fits perfectly with your lifestyle. Managing your workload from your desk, in a meeting, or on your commute has never been easier…

Touch Screen Compatible

Our app is effortlessly suited for touch screen devices due to the fluid drag and drop nature of the tool. Using your fingers you can really experience the intuitive design of DropTask by zooming in and out, dragging and dropping, and swiping ’till your heart’s content.

No Connection? No Problem

When using DropTask on Android, you can choose to work on your projects both online or offline. If you do decide to work offline (or perhaps you’re travelling to your next meeting and don’t have a connection), then DropTask will automatically sync and update your changes once you’re back online. Now you can continue completing your tasks, safe in the knowledge that nothing will be missed and your progress will be updated.

Whatever, Whenever, Wherever

It’s been reported that the majority of us have 150 individual tasks, meetings, emails, routine items, and action points to take care of at any given time. Well, DropTask’s here to help. Gone are the days where you have to sit down, plug in and load up your PC to get things done. With our new Android app you can manage whatever you want, whenever you want, from wherever you are – giving you the complete flexibility to pick up where you left off.

Stay Connected With Your Team

Sometimes it can be difficult to keep up with what others within your team are doing, especially if you’re out on business and away from the office. Our Android app can ensure that you remain in the loop and stay connected with your team. With Native Notifications pushed straight to your device, you can monitor progress and feel assured that tasks are still being completed no matter where you are./p>

Seamlessly Sync

DropTask is always at hand to help you power through your projects – no matter what device you’re using.

If you’re out in the field and making progress on your tasks using the Android app, you can pick up where you left off once you’re back in the office using your laptop, as DropTask seamlessly syncs your account across all devices.

Visit the Google Play Store and download DropTask for free today.

 Want to know more? Click here for a tour. 

Not using Android? Don’t forget that DropTask is available to download on your iOS devices. Download for both the iPhone and iPad today.

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Laura Bailey
Laura Bailey
7 years ago

Hi there, thank you for getting in touch with us. Our Android app is already under development to improve functionality for users. With regards to a widget, if you would like to leave a suggestion for this feature to be added then please take a look at our feedback forum as our development team keep a very close eye on this: http://support.droptask.com/forums/193469-general