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October 28, 2019

Can you solve Ayoa’s Times Square Riddle?

by Louise Cunnah posted in Ayoa.

Ayoa | Can you solve Ayoa’s Times Square Riddle?
Whether you are a New York native or not, you may have seen that we left many people scratching their heads when a confusing riddle appeared in the heart of Times Square on Monday, October 21st. And if you didn’t see it, do you think you can crack it?

The Ayoa team love New York and the creativity involved in writing and solving a great riddle! So, we thought what better way to get the attention of its residents and brighten up their day by posting a fun riddle for them to solve on their way to school, college, work or wherever else they were headed?

On the morning of October 21st, Ayoa took over a section of Times Square in New York by showcasing a unique riddle in the midst of the hustle and bustle of rush hour. It also appeared on the Ayoa website and our social media accounts – and many people took to social media to share their guesses and confusion over the answer to the mysterious riddle.

Want to see if you can crack it? Here’s the riddle that appeared:

“I have a goal without scoring,
I have branches without leaves,
I show the way without light,
I have ideas but have no brain.
What am I?”

Fortunately, people weren’t left scratching their heads for long as the answer was revealed on the Ayoa website just a few hours later.

For those who are still none the wiser, the answer was something we love using at Ayoa – that is, of course, a Mind Map!

We’d like to thank everyone that had a go at solving the riddle – especially the clever clogs that got it straight away. It was a tough one to crack (if we do say so ourselves)!

To find out more about how our riddle answer can help you achieve various goals (whether work-related or personal), check out Ayoa founder Chris Griffith’s guide to Achieving your Goals with Mind Mapping.

Mind Mapping is a versatile technique used by over 250 million people around the world to boost their creative thinking, memory and productivity. Ready to try it for yourself and see what you can achieve? Discover more about Ayoa or try it for free today.

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