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October 29, 2014

Arrange an awesome last-minute Halloween using DropTask

by Ayoa posted in Miscellaneous.

Ayoa | Arrange an awesome last-minute Halloween using DropTask
*PLEASE NOTE – DropTask is now Ayoa – an all-in-one tool for idea generation and collaboration, that goes beyond traditional task management. Discover Ayoa and achieve your best work.*

Only a couple of days remain until the spookiest day of the year – Halloween, is upon us. A day when fear is the aim of the game and a fright or two is on the cards for most of us.

Even more terrifying than the holiday itself is the realization that it is only two days away and you’ve yet to make any plans or are still lacking a costume. To avoid the turmoil of sitting in with the lights off to deter trick or treaters from your treat-less house, we’ve got some advice on how to get organized at the last-minute this Halloween.

There’s no party like a collaborative DropTask party.

With so little time to prepare you may think that all hopes of arranging that Halloween party you promised to your pals last year are dashed. However, with a bit of help from DropTask there’s still oodles of time to arrange a get-together. Create a project (perhaps called something imaginative like ‘Halloween Party’) and create task circles for everything that needs to be done. Categorize them in groups to make life easier, not forgetting the basics like food, music, and entertainment. Next, invite all your friends to the project. Hopefully they’ll accept the invite if they’re free) or perhaps they just prefer you to the host of the previous party they’d agreed to attend). Once you know who’s coming you can begin to delegate tasks, making the late organization a whole lot simpler. Start completing your individual responsibilities and chase that flaky friend by sending them update requests to find out if they’ve purchased those all-important pumpkins yet. Discuss any final details in the comments and voila – you have yourself a party!

We’ve even done the hard work for you and created a Halloween party project for you to use – click here to take a look! Remember, as this project is public, you’ll be able to view but not edit.

99 problems but a costume ain’t one.

We’ve all seen it, the epic fail of a costume that is the bed sheet ghost. The last resort for those poor souls that didn’t get to the shops in time. Banish the bed-sheet by using DropTask to come up with a killer last-minute outfit. Make a project for your costume mission in order to get started. Add a group for websites and fill it with tasks that contain links to costume sites that provide express delivery. Check them all out and complete them when you’re done. Make another group with tasks for contact details of costume shops in your area and get in touch with them to find out what stock they have remaining. No luck with any of these? Dig out that dressing up box from wherever it’s lurking and go through everything. Note down the contents using tasks for each item you find and reflect on your options once you’re done. Go one step further and take a photo for each item, setting it as the cover image for the relevant task. You never know what outfit you may create when you look at everything you have within one simple visual.

More of the treat, less of the trick.

If you’ve got children, the annual trick or treating outing can be a stressful affair. Knowing where to go and what (or who!) to avoid are crucial elements of making the night a success. Hurrying a crying child home early because Mrs Smith from number 54 slammed the door in his face is no fun for anyone. Create a trick or treat project, mapping out where you want to go in advance by creating tasks for the neighbors you definitely want to call on. Link these using dependencies so you know which order to visit them in. You’ll be able to tick these off as you go on the night using our iPhone app (and Android in the very near future!). Got older kids that you aren’t accompanying? Keep the process the same and share the project with them so they’ll be able to guide themselves. Super-savvy children could complete where they’ve been on route by using their smartphones, meaning you’ll be able to keep track of them in real-time, lessening the natural worrying parents inevitably do.

Turn baking fright into baking delight.

Any holiday comes hand in hand with baking and Halloween is no different. Whether you need to rustle up some treats because all the stores around you have sold out of candy corn, or you promised Halloween cupcakes to the office, DropTask can help. Find your desired recipes then turn them into projects, making each step of the process a task. If you’re unsure of any measurements, convert them to ones you recognize in advance so that you won’t be confused when it comes to the baking itself. If you make sure to list everything you need in the project, you’ll be able to access this on the go and use it as your shopping list, avoiding a last minute dash to the shops for an extra bag of sugar. Once you’ve baked your Halloween delicacies, why not share a public project with those who asked for your recipe so they can recreate your tasty treats themselves?

I now hope the only things scaring you on the day are ghosts and ghouls, and not the prospect of last-minute organization. By using some of these tips you can be well on your way to a frightfully good Halloween (pun completely and utterly intended).

A happy Halloween to you all from the DropTask team!

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