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June 25, 2020

4 smart ways to make your summer productivity soar

by Rachel Pewsey posted in Quick Tips.

Ayoa | 4 smart ways to make your summer productivity soar
Summer has officially arrived, and with it so has the glorious and long-awaited sunshine (of course not forgetting the weather’s occasional mood swings treating us to a good downpour every now and then).

As lockdown restrictions begin to ease around the world, many of us are beginning the process of returning to a more stable working routine. For some, this could mean either continuing to work from home, or starting to make a return to the office. As such, you may be finding it more difficult than normal to maintain consistent productivity levels as your routine swings in the balance.

So, what can you do to make sure you stay motivated and inspired? Take a look at our top 4 tips below to make your productivity soar this summer!

ayoa on laptop outside

Enjoy the outdoors

While it’s important that we all continue to stay safe during the coronavirus pandemic, many of us are finding that we’re now able to enjoy the summer sunshine outdoors. So, where possible, try taking your work outside for a change of scenery. The much needed fresh air during the summer heat is likely to give you a healthy burst of energy and even spark your creativity to come up with inventive new ideas for your work. While you can make do cooped-up inside with a fan for company, after a while it’s likely the heat is going to start gradually pressing the brakes on your productivity levels.

If you can’t work outdoors, make sure to pop away from your desk during your lunch break for a walk or to sit in the park. Using this time to clear your head and step back from your work means you can return to your desk feeling refreshed and motivated to tackle the rest of your day.

Tip: Ayoa’s online and offline capabilities mean that you have the flexibility to work from wherever you like, without having to worry about your wifi connection. Then, when you come back to your desk, all of your tasks and projects will instantly update so you can stay up to speed.

woman on bed with laptop

Make the most of the mornings

We all know the struggle of having to force your eyes to open in the dark and gloomy winter mornings. However, even those of you who aren’t natural morning larks can probably appreciate the bliss of being woken up by the rising sunshine (rather than a blaring alarm clock) during the summer months. As a result, days during the summer typically feel longer, which can be fantastic for not only our productivity but also our work-life balance, as it can feel like you have more hours in the day to play with.

If you’re able to work flexibly, use this to your advantage by working during the hours you feel the most productive. Particularly during the summer months, you may find that your productivity takes a bit of a slump during the afternoon when the heat starts to reach its peak. If you find yourself waking up early and feeling motivated to start your day, use this time to get through some of your bigger tasks that require more concentration, leaving some of your smaller to-dos to later on in the day.

Tip: If you’re working remotely, try setting up a group chat with your team within Ayoa to keep each other informed of the hours you’re working each day. When working remotely, in particular, this is a great way to keep in touch with your colleagues and ensure you’re all on the same page.

relax feet up with slippers

Take a break

The chances are, a lot of you are experiencing the sinking realisation that under normal circumstances, you would currently be lying on the beach on a tropical island somewhere, or soaking up the culture from a European city. Having to cancel your summer holiday abroad can feel bittersweet – and as a result, you may decide to cancel your annual leave entirely with the idea of saving it for a safer time. However, this can very quickly lead to you working for months on end without a break. If left unaddressed, you will find yourself starting to flag, which can ultimately lead to increased stress and even burnout.

While you may not have the glorious sunshine escapes abroad to enjoy right now, it’s vital to make sure you continue to take your annual leave where possible to give your mind a well-deserved break.

Tip: Ayoa makes it easy for you to keep your colleagues updated with important information in one place. Before switching off on annual leave, try assigning any outstanding tasks to a member of your team, adding Notes to update them on where the task has been left off, along with any Due Dates required. This will keep your team informed of anything they may need to check while you’re away in one, easy-to-access space.

planner and coffee

Reassess your priorities

The spring of 2020 has certainly been a strange one; one where our daily routines have shifted and we’ve had to adjust our working habits and schedules as we battle through the current pandemic. Summer is usually a great time to reflect on your working year so far and set up the goals you want to achieve to see you through to the end of the year. However, if you’ve found your project plans for the summer have shifted or even had to take a back seat entirely, now is an even more important time to reestablish your goals and what you want to achieve as we ease our way into a new normal.

Tip: Whether it’s building up your client base, creating new marketing content or redesigning your website, Ayoa’s Mind Maps and Task Boards are an easy and visual space for you to set goals and work collaboratively on projects with your team. This helps to keep everyone in the loop and ensures everyone is aware of their responsibilities as part of the bigger picture.

Looking for a tool to keep you motivated, inspired and productive? Take your summer productivity to sizzling heights with Ayoa. Combining Task Management, Mind Mapping and Team Collaboration features, Ayoa acts as your virtual workspace to keep your team connected and your work on track. Discover more here and sign up for FREE today.

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