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December 11, 2018

4 reasons you should invite your friends to DropTask [Ayoa] this Christmas

by Caragh Medlicott posted in Ayoa.

Ayoa | 4 reasons you should invite your friends to DropTask [Ayoa] this Christmas

Uh-oh, you’ve done it again. The weeks have passed by in a festive blur and suddenly there’s a whole lot of Christmas gifts to find, and no time left to find them.

But before you start mass buying fluffy socks and bath sets, we have another idea which might just be the most interesting and genuinely helpful present you’ll ever gift. Whether you have a friendly neighbor, creative colleague or hard-to-buy-for uncle, this gift can work for everyone and anyone.

So what is this magical all-encompassing gift, you ask? Well, you’ll likely be (un)surprised to hear that it’s DropTask [Ayoa]. We know what you’re thinking, of course, we’d say that. But hear us out on this – we’ve put together 4 reasons why inviting your friends to DropTask [Ayoa] is the perfect way to spread Christmas cheer:

1) It’s something people can actually use

How many drawers have you clogged up with well-intentioned, but ultimately useless Christmas presents? As nice as a new tea towel set (or the like) is, it’s not the kind of gift that makes a lasting impression. DropTask [Ayoa], however, has the power to change the day-to-day running of a person’s life. Inviting a pal to DropTask [Ayoa] opens up a whole new whole new world of productivity and collaboration, so they can make 2019 their most awesome year yet.

DropTask suits everyone and their needs

2) It suits everyone

It’s the quintessential gifting issue: what on earth should you get for that fussy friend? Stress not, DropTask [Ayoa] can help – after all, it’s not just for work; DropTask [Ayoa] can be used for everything from planning a novel to meeting fitness goals. So, you don’t have to worry about it suiting even the most particular of your friends – they can use it however they like! Invite your friends to DropTask [Ayoa] now, and you can always thank us later.

Perfect for those you don't know what to buy for

3) Perfect for the inbetweenies

You may be wondering what “inbetweenies” are – well, they’re those awkward acquaintances who you aren’t quite sure you know well enough to gift. A card alone isn’t enough, but a full-blown present might be a bit over-the-top? Well, you’re just an email away from forwarding them the perfect festive treat, without any of the fuss of chocolates and wrapping paper – ideal, right?

downloading DropTask [Ayoa] benefits you and your team

4) It benefits both of you

When it comes to Christmas in the workplace, Secret Santa tends to be the gifting set-up of choice. But if you want to give a little extra something to your own team this year, inviting them to DropTask [Ayoa] is both a nice gesture and the perfect way to prepare for collaborative success as the New Year rolls in.

So, how do you send the royal invite?

If you already have a DropTask [Ayoa] account, simply click this link to start firing out your festive invites – or, for newbies, simply create your FREE account to get started.

A modern spin on the gift of a New Year diary, inviting your friends to DropTask [Ayoa] is bound to result in cheer and (productive) prosperity for all. If you’re not already on DropTask [Ayoa], don’t forget to first treat yourself by signing up for FREE!

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