Supporting Neurodiversity

Neurodiversity doesn’t need solutions, it provides them. As a constant throughout life, how can you ensure that it thrives during every chapter, from education to work, and in society?

Find out how neuro-inclusive software, support schemes, and expert advice can help the power of divergent thinking deliver benefits on a scale unimaginable.

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Ayoa, the neuro-inclusive digital workspace

As an innately human phenomenon, it can be difficult to comprehend how digital products can support neurodiversity. Especially when the concept of neurodiversity is built upon individual differences. For any software to enhance neurodiversity, just like workplaces, it must therefore be flexible.

Introducing Ayoa. In Ayoa, flexibility rules supreme, allowing any number of people with different brain types to work their way collaboratively whilst within one visually intuitive workspace. Inspired by the dynamism of mind maps, people are given flexible tools alongside digital reasonable adjustments to manage tasks and projects, creatively plan, share and develop ideas with others, and see them all the way through to completion.

“Ayoa truly is a game changer because it adapts itself to neurodivergent people in its conception – it is not just an afterthought.”

Olivia Raymond, Founder of C-HQ

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Find out more about how Ayoa is supporting its neurodivergent users in education and work.



Neurodiversity Support Schemes

Neurodiversity is part of our lives the whole world over. However, levels of understanding, support and respect is likely to be different from country to country. In the UK, we are fortunate to have government funded schemes supporting neurodiversity along with being home to ground-breaking initiatives such as Neurodiversity in Business.

Support for neurodivergent students and neurodivergent workers in the UK can be found via the Disabled Students Allowance and Access to Work schemes respectively.


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Neurodiversity Experts

Despite being with us since the dawn of time, “neurodiversity” is a relatively new term, coined by Judy Singer in 1998. This means that for generations society has been developed largely in ignorance of neurodiversity. Altering entrenched ways of doing everything from education to simply communicating so that they become more inclusive for the neurodiverse population which we are, is no easy job.

However, those with lived experience of neurodiversity are best equipped to share experiences and advice on how neurodiversity can be embraced in various environments for the benefit of everyone. If you’re seeking to improve the equality of your workplace, wishing to deliver learning more inclusively or are neurodivergent yourself and wanting to improve your life, why not introduce yourself to some of the best neurodivergent experts around?