Why Ayoa?

Ayoa Because mind mapping is just the beginning

Supercharge your ideas with AI, brainstorm with your team, task manage projects, and organize personal todo lists.

Ayoa - all in one creativity and productivity app

Work your way

You wouldn’t use a hammer to paint a wall; likewise, employ the right tools to ensure your project’s success. Ayoa has everything you need in one single app.

Mind Maps

Canvas view


Radial view





My planner



Canvas view

Task Canvas view

Our one-of-a-kind task canvas view allows you to arrange your tasks in a fun and visual way to easily spot priorities.

Kanban workflow

For those that prefer a more agile and linear approach to managing their tasks.

Kanban-style work boards
Versatile whiteboards


Host a real-time brainstorming session with your team or create a space to collect and organize project ideas, links, files and other external assets.

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AI: The future of ideas is here today

Does a tricky problem have you stumped? Are you rehashing the same formulaic work rather than exploring new untrodden paths? Stuck in a creative rut?…

Allow AI to offer a helping hand.

*Available in Ayoa Ultimate only.

A click away icon

Just a click away

Your AI assistant is ready to go. Just request some additional ideas, questions or explanations.

Solve any problem icon

Solve any problem

Don’t know where to begin? Let GenerateIdeas.ai spark off several possibilities to get you off and running.

Banish writers block icon

Banish writer’s block

Tired of staring idly at a blank page? Scope out a plan with AI and confront your word processor armed with ideas.


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More than just technology

Ayoa is more than just tech

As world leaders in innovation, we’ve built Ayoa to be much more than just a tool for ideation and task management – it is a whole new way of achieving your goals.

Through our global training and powerful software solutions, we are on a mission to educate, motivate and facilitate practical innovation into your everyday – so you can dare to achieve more.

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Everything you need, all-in-one

Making app-switching a thing of the past, Ayoa is the only tool you’ll need to manage your everyday work.

Mind Mapping

Mind mapping

Foster, incubate and develop your best ideas with mind maps. Changing your thinking with powerful ideation will do incredible things for your work – because better ideas mean bigger wins.



Whether you’re taking meeting notes or planning a project, whiteboards let you do it all. Use a template from our extensive library or begin with a blank canvas - the choice is yours.

Task Management

Task management

You know how you work best. Ayoa’s multi-view take on task management offers interchangeable viewing styles so you can put ideas into action, meet deadlines and get things done your way.

Team collaboration

Team collaboration

Communication is the foundation of every great team. With chat, task assignment and comments, keep conversations focused and your team updated - no matter where you are.

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