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June 6, 2019

Welcoming Mind Mapping to Ayoa – it’s time to start doing your best work

by Caragh Medlicott posted in Ayoa.

Ayoa | Welcoming Mind Mapping to Ayoa –  it’s time to start doing your best work
“Everything begins with an idea.” – Earl Nightingale

We live in a world obsessed with productivity. We want things done, and we want them done now – but here at OpenGenius, we like to look at things from every angle. Productivity is great, but is it inherently enough to help you achieve your best work? After all, you can productively dig a hole. That’s why we’ve reframed the question to ask not just ‘are you getting tasks done’ – but – ‘are you getting the right tasks done?’

Enter Mind Mapping in Ayoa. We’ve been on a mission to put everything teams need to achieve their goals in just one place, and now, we’ve found the final piece of the puzzle with Mind Maps in Ayoa. We’re the world’s first ever app to combine Mind Mapping, Chat and Task Management in just one tool, so you can take projects from ideation to completion.

Mind Mapping is a powerful and constructive way of uncovering great ideas – you can read more about this brainstorming technique famous for improving cognitive thinking power here.

So, why have we introduced Mind Mapping? That’s simple: all good work starts as just an idea – whether it’s a creative marketing campaign or the execution of a financial strategy – ideas are the foundation of work. We think of what to do, then we do it. So, it makes sense that for us to achieve the right things, we need the right ideas.

Teamwork makes the dream work

It’s cheesy but it’s true. Think about what you’re doing in most meetings – talking through ideas. Ayoa Mind Mapping is a real-time, collaborative feature. So whether you’re using it in a meeting, or a remote team with colleagues thousands of miles apart, you can work together to spark ideas and map them out on the unlimited canvas. Ayoa provides the space for teams to get serious about ideas by adding structure to the way you think, as well as providing the perfect tool for presenting the power of your ideas to others.

Idea bank

Mind Maps are more than just a place for your ideas, they use a visual structure to help categorize your thinking and instantly communicate the development of ideas to others in a way that speaks to the human mind. Sometimes though, you need to fire out ideas as they hit without having to worry about the organization – that’s why we created the Idea Bank. Simply start typing and hit enter to plant the seeds of ideas, then drag and drop them to easily organize them into spatially distinct areas on your final Mind Map.

Categories & relationships

Ayoa is built to be intuitive and fast. Easily radiate out branches from your central idea and use categories to group together related thoughts – plus, this makes collapsing different parts of your Mind Map simple and easy, so you can focus in on specific ideas. Relationship arrows help to show relating ideas whilst maintaining the structure of your Mind Map. In addition to the customizable look of your Mind Map and many other handy elements, Ayoa has a large range of features that make digital Mind Mapping easily superior to working by hand.

Turn ideas into action

What transforms creativity into innovation? The answer lies in the application. Creativity is the starting point where we come up with transient ideas and thoughts, innovation is the addition of practical thinking that allows you to take your creative ideas and actually make something of them. Knowing this, we have built Ayoa to follow the innovation process. You can turn the branches of your Mind Maps into actual tasks with all the detail you need to get them on the road: add due dates, urgency tags, task details & checklists – this in addition to task comments, so everyone is up to date and on track.

For more information on the Mind Mapping features in Ayoa, click here to watch the video below.

Discover the power of Ayoa Mind Mapping for yourself – try Ayoa for free start achieving your goals today.

Caragh Medlicott

Caragh Medlicott is a freelance writer and interim Editor of Wales Arts Review. After graduating with a First-Class Honours degree in English Literature and an MA in Creative Writing from Cardiff University she began a full-time writing career in Wales. She is the author of several published short stories and was shortlisted for the Lunate 500 award in December 2020, and a finalist in Narrative’s 30 Below competition in 2021. She is a regular contributor to BBC Wales' The Review Show.

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