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October 10, 2019

Welcome to Organic Mind Mapping in Ayoa

by Rachel Pewsey posted in Ayoa.

Ayoa | Welcome to Organic Mind Mapping in Ayoa

As our most dominant sense, there’s no denying the importance of our vision; it’s the main way we make sense of the world around us and learn new things. As a visual representation of our thoughts, Mind Maps help us explore our ideas and even manage our work and tasks.

So what makes Organic Mind Mapping so powerful? Organic Mind Maps use curved branches to emulate our natural thinking processes, using a distinct combination of imagery, color and visual-spacial awareness to excel your imagination and creative thinking skills. Research cited by David Hyerle approximates that between 70% and 90% of the information received by the brain is through visual channels – showing just how important visual stimuli plays in the way we think and create.

visual images stats graphic

Many of you may know us from when Ayoa was still known as iMindMap. From years of development and experience in the field, we learned a lot about how Mind Mapping can be used effectively to support your cognitive thinking skills. Taking this expertise along with key principles from the traditional, hand-drawn Mind Map, we introduced new and improved Organic Mind Mapping in Ayoa as a way for people to naturally explore the realms of possibility within their own creative thinking.

Ayoa is now the only cloud-based tool to offer Organic Mind Mapping – so if you’re looking to come up with your most creative and innovative ideas yet, Organic Mind Mapping really is one of the most powerful tools for idea generation you can use.

Speaking about the launch of Organic Mind Mapping, CEO Chris Griffiths discusses his motivations behind continuing the legacy and power of Mind Mapping:

“As the world moves towards even greater global connectivity, I want to see Mind Mapping continue its evolution. For me, that comes in the form of Ayoa. It’s cloud-based, accessible globally, and has the potential and ethos to enter the lives of everyday people.
And moving with the times doesn’t mean changing the classics. That’s why the Organic Mind Map style has just been released in Ayoa (currently the only cloud-based app to offer this style so famed for its ability to drive creativity).” – Chris Griffiths

The power of Organic Mind Mapping

We truly believe in the power of Mind Mapping to transform the way we think and process our ideas. And the best part? Your brain is actually Mind Mapping every day – you just don’t realize it. Organic Mind Mapping in Ayoa replicates the way your brain works, as each keyword you add to your map triggers associations in your mind to spark further, interconnected ideas.

If you’ve ever done a Mind Map by hand, the idea of drawing curved branches seems fairly obvious. Organic Mind Mapping is essentially the closest replica to Mind Mapping by hand that you can get – but with all the added benefits of technology that you simply can’t achieve from pen and paper alone. With Organic Mind Mapping in Ayoa, you can add images and files with ease and share your Maps with others to expand your ideas – all whilst keeping your ideas safe online, so don’t have that all-too-familiar feeling of misplacing your paper notes.

What can I do in Ayoa’s Organic Mind Mapping?

Using traditional Mind Mapping techniques, Ayoa’s Organic Mind Mapping allows you to explore your imagination – so you can expand your ideas in a way that visually enhances your creative thinking skills. Using a seamless combination of images and colors, Organic Mind Mapping helps to stimulate memory and associations in your brain.

organic mind map curved branches

Curvilinear branches

Curved branches are the essence of Organic Mind Mapping – these branches radiate out from your central idea, attracting the brain by reflecting our natural thinking processes. Curved branches that you can adjust replicate the hand-drawn process in a way that other Mind Mapping software just can’t do – providing you with an accurate representation of your thinking patterns.

mind map branch editor

Customize your branches

Customize your branches using the Ayoa Branch Editor tool, where you can adjust the color, shape and style of your branches. Ideal for differentiating between different sections of your Mind Map, these customizations add a touch of visual personality which make Mind Maps so well-suited to boosting comprehension.

mind map images and files

Add images and files

A picture speaks a thousand words. Images spark associations in our brain more than words do – add visuals to your Mind Map to help support your keywords and encourage new ideas to flourish. You can even add documents and files to your Mind Map, turning it into a powerful hub of information and resources you can access all in one place.

one idea per branch

One idea per branch

One of the key concepts of Organic Mind Mapping is using one keyword per branch where possible. This means that each of your keywords has the potential to expand as far as possible – so no idea is restricted. For example, say you named one of your branches ‘party decorations’. This limits any idea that comes from this branch to party-style decorations only. However, by having a separate branch for both ‘party’ and ‘decorations’, this opens up more opportunities to explore more wide-reaching decoration ideas that are not limited by any other words.

mind map branch voting

Branch voting

Vote for your favorite ideas in a Mind Map by hitting the thumbs up icon. Share your Map with others and they can vote to indicate their favorite suggestions, helping you narrow your focus on your strongest ideas, especially when brainstorming multiple avenues of thought.


…and so much more!

Discover more about Mind Mapping in Ayoa and how you can get started here.


How can I use Mind Mapping in my daily working routine?

Every great business success begins with an idea. Idea generation is the first step in the innovation process and is essentially the core of what Mind Mapping is and why it exists. How often have you come up with a light bulb idea when you’re out for a lunchtime stroll, only to forget all the details as soon as you’re back at your desk? Mind Maps are essentially a map of your inner thoughts – but only if you remember to capture your ideas as soon as they strike. As Ayoa is a cloud-based product, you can access your Mind Maps on your phone whilst you’re on the go – so no spark of inspiration is lost or forgotten. Being able to actually track and retain your ideas as such a consistent part of your everyday routine will help you to naturally spark more creative ideas – so you can ultimately reach that exciting ‘eureka!’ moment.

We all talk about wanting to be more innovative – but innovation isn’t just about those larger-than-life ideas that set out to change the world (although it can be). Innovation can simply be about making small changes that help you do things better – something that anyone can use to their advantage and work into their everyday routines.

When faced with a challenge, it’s important to take a step back and assess the situation from a different angle. Mind Maps are a great way to explore all the untapped possibilities that you may not have previously considered. Creating a working environment where innovative thinkers can flourish and explore their ideas in a constructive way is a huge asset to a successfully-creative business.

True innovation is successful when you can make creativity a seamless part of your everyday routine. Creating Mind Maps for your work projects allows you to keep track of any creative solutions and break these down as far as your imagination will take you. Ayoa takes Mind Mapping a step further by allowing you to turn your best ideas into actionable tasks. So you can track projects from idea to completion and watch your ideas grow into something real and tangible.

Discover the natural power of your creative thinking. Try Organic Mind Mapping in Ayoa today and watch your imagination and creative visions come alive like never before.

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