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August 18, 2022

Visual Working Just Got An Audible Upgrade

by Ross McGee posted in Neurodiversity, New Update.

Ayoa | Visual Working Just Got An Audible Upgrade
How are people really engaged? It’s definitely not through plain black & white texts, instead it so often comes via a vibrant experience which engages all of the senses. If that’s what makes amazing outcomes, shouldn’t the creative process be the same? After all, you are what you eat. Ayoa already offers the most visually aesthetically pleasing mind maps, and now they come with the addition of another sense to stimulate your mind, that of sound. Introducing audio notes!

Give your ideas a voice

The beauty of a mind map is that it offers the flexibility and freedom to reflect your thought process visually. Plus, having done so, it stimulates the brain to generate new ideas and form connections previously unforeseen. However, despite visual cues regularly being catnip to the brain, it’s inexorable any mind so full of ideas from expressing itself in just one way.

After all, whilst every individual is a bundle of original ideas and thoughts, when brought together, you get an even greater mixture of differences. This includes race, gender, sexuality and neurological make up. Neurodiversity describes differences in cognitive functioning that affect learning, thinking, attention and memory. Inevitably some people therefore find it easier to articulate themselves via different methods whether that is through writing, drawing or speaking.

With the addition of audio notes to Ayoa’s mind maps, the expression and sharing of ideas are now secure via both visual and audible means. So no matter how an idea might be taking shape, or how it is best to share it with another, in true mind mapping style, Ayoa now provides its users even more flexibility when it comes to manifesting their creative thoughts.

Cheers all round

Sometimes it can be difficult to bring something to life when it has no voice, making it hard to intimate meaning or fully connect with it. However, with Ayoa’s mind maps now combining visual and audible cues, achieving crystal clear understanding has never been easier in so many situations. Here are just a few reasons why:

Expressing enthusiasm

Stellar writing is an acclaim rightly held by an elite few; not everyone can be a bestselling author whose words tinglingly envelop you. This doesn’t however mean that what most people have to say isn’t exciting. It can just be difficult to fully express yourself via the written word.

Instead of letting your amazing ideas fall flat, do them justice by articulating them verbally in your true voice, full of feeling, with Ayoa’s audio notes. Also, unlike when typing, by speaking freely, you’re more likely to keep up with your creative momentum, ensuring that every idea makes it out into the world.

Listening to your listener’s needs

In a healthy work environment employees should feel confident to openly share their needs. This includes their preferred communication methods. People with dyslexia for instance might heavily favour mediums which aren’t reliant on the written word, and instead lean more towards verbal communication.

If this is the case, combining Ayoa’s visual mind maps (a format typically loved by those with dyslexia) with audio notes, makes a powerful mix for assisting with the communication and expression of thoughts between colleagues.

Record with context

A lot can take place in a meeting or lecture, and no matter how quickly you scribble down notes it can be hard to keep up with everything. This isn’t very useful considering that notes’ main purpose are to serve as reminders.

The brain finds it much easier to forge connections and rekindle associations the more stimuli which are involved. Through a combination of a visual mind map which can illustratively reflect the flow of a meeting or lecture, and each branch including a complete recording, your brain will be left with no blanks to fill in.

Spread the word today about your innovative ideas, record your lectures with the support of a visual mind map, and more by signing up today to Ayoa Ultimate. (Take our full support guide on audio notes with you to hit the ground running.)
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Ross McGee

Ross studied English Literature at Cardiff University, enjoying the rich diversity of perspectives and experiences which texts presented to be analysed. Graduation took him into a marketing role where consideration of various interpretations and drivers could be continued. Today his interest in understanding different standpoints has turned into a passion for supporting neurodiversity - a catalyst for alternative, creative thinking and societal breakthroughs.

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