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October 31, 2018

Something wonderful this way comes. 3 ways to tackle terrifying deadlines

by Rachel Pewsey posted in Quick Tips.

Ayoa | Something wonderful this way comes. 3 ways to tackle terrifying deadlines
Forget ghouls and ghosts – the real world offers far more fearsome challenges, from managing shifting priorities to feeling swamped by your monster-sized workload. However, at DropTask [Ayoa], we have brewed up something special for you.

From organizing your tasks to adding reminders and notes for detail, take a fresh approach to your work and turn your project nightmares into a blissful dream.

There’s no need to feel spooked by your workload this Halloween. Here are 3 ways DropTask [Ayoa] can help you fight those frightful deadlines.

Ayoa Tasks

Turn your tasks from tricks into treats

Put your pumpkins to one side, and carve out some time to plan your tasks. When you click into a task, you have the option to add any resources and extra details you need. These will help you make sense of your work as well as keep everything you need in one space. Use the Progress Percentage bar to set the status of your task, so you can see exactly how much you have completed so far. Want to make this more specific? Set the Due Dates of each task, so you can clearly focus on your deadline alongside your progress status.

Add further details by setting the level of importance, urgency and effort of each task, along with any notes or Checklists as needed. These will help add extra guidance on what is required from your tasks and to what extent each one will need to be prioritized. You can also keep your colleagues up to date by using Discussions to talk about a task and share ideas. Simply use the ‘@’ symbol to mention specific people in a comment, and also add any attachments to your message as needed.

Ayoa Planner

Prioritize Evil Dead-lines with your Planner

No longer beware those looming deadlines. With your DropTask [Ayoa] Planner, you can keep track of your own priorities away from your team projects. Your Planner is only visible to you, making it the perfect place to organize your personal workload so nothing slips through the spider’s web. Use your Planner to categorize each of your tasks into ‘Now’, ‘Next’ or ‘Soon’. This will help you sort your tasks into a manageable workflow, so you can see exactly where to focus your attention.

During busy seasons, we’re all familiar with how quickly our priorities can change. If an urgent piece of work crops up, easily shift this task into the ‘Now’ column in your Planner and move less pressing tasks into ‘Next’ or ‘Soon’. This flexibility means DropTask [Ayoa] works in sync with your routine, so you can feel in control of your workload, no matter what surprises creep up on you along the way.

Ayoa Reminders

Stay out of the dark with reminders and notifications

When surrounded by daunting deadlines, it can be easy to feel the fear to make sure you’re safely on top of your tasks. Step out of the dark by adding Reminders to the things you don’t want to forget. Task reminders are an efficient way to keep you alert of any important actions you need to take, as well as keeping your upcoming deadlines fresh in your mind. You also have the option to receive daily email reminders on your upcoming tasks and deadlines. Kick-start your morning with a breakdown of the work you’ve organized in your Planner, so you can see exactly what to get started on that day.

DropTask’s [Ayoa] Notifications also give you that added protection to ensure you never miss a beat. Receive a quick, in-app notification whenever someone mentions you in a comment, or something note-worthy happens in your project.

Fight the fear this Halloween with DropTask [Ayoa]. Sign up for free today for a treat that’s scarily good.

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