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July 28, 2020

Meet our new Global Partner for Brazil: Instituto de Ensino & Inovação

by Megan Sylvester posted in Ayoa.

Ayoa | Meet our new Global Partner for Brazil: Instituto de Ensino & Inovação
Ayoa’s Global Partners are responsible for recruiting resellers in their region, acting as an exclusive distributor within a defined territory. As a result, they help to spread the benefits of Ayoa on a global scale.
We’re excited to announce that Instituto de Ensino & Inovação are our official Global Partner for Brazil! We spoke to Renata Fellini Magalhães at Instituto de Ensino & Inovação so she can introduce Instituto de Ensino & Inovação and you can find out more about who they are and why they decided to join us as a Global Partner! Check out the interview below:

Ayoa’s Q&A with Instituto de Ensino & Inovação

Q: How did you discover Ayoa?

A: I heard about Tony Buzan a long time ago while teaching English and got interested because I belong to a philosophic school since 2007 that studies and teaches about the brain, behaviour and other things about us as human beings, especially “how to become better people”. So first I started searching about him and started to apply his technique to understand and test while teaching at Maple Bear school, grades 4 and 5 (a Canadian bilingual school). From this experience, I can tell that I had a lot of successes making Mind Maps from the topics we were studying at the time. The kids learned English, how to write essays in English, and improved their vocabulary faster.

Besides my interest in the brain, I could see how I could help people and also be able to make it part of my business. My new target after that was to be able to learn more and improve my skills about Mind Maps, how to use the great program, iMindMap11 [now Ayoa], to spread this technique here.

When I had the first chance, I took the first course to become a TBLI at OpenGenius in Cardiff, and after that, I’ve been twice into the other two courses for Creativity and Project Management in Fort Lauderdale – US where I became a Master trainer of Tony Buzan. Some years ago, I opened the Instituto Mind Map to deliver these courses.

After becoming a TBLI, I wrote the second edition of my Books OL1 and OL2 (the methodology of my English school) and then I wrote the third book using iMindMap11 (a book 100% with Mind Maps called Mind´s Association) to improve my students’ vocabulary. I had been using iMindMap (10 and then 11) for many years until it became Ayoa.

Q: What made you want to become a Global Partner for Ayoa?

A: Because I believe not only in the technique but also in the quality of Ayoa to transform and help people.

Instituto de Ensino & Inovação

Q: How do you expect to see Ayoa being used in Brazil?

A: I want to see all the educational areas of Brazil and companies using Ayoa because they understand and see that it is truly useful and real. I want them to go through the process of knowing-doing – being, so this away they will have changed their “Mindset” for good, improving their skills and “opening new and bigger doors”.

Q: What are you excited about for the future of Ayoa and Instituto de Ensino & Inovação?

A: Working with the technique and using the software to work, to teach and in my personal life I transformed myself into a more productive and creative person being able to do much more in less time. Teaching and spreading this experience to people I know, I can contribute a lot with real results. Especially now that we´ve been facing huge global challenges, I know that Ayoa can be the key to making business, schools, actually everyone to improve and reach their personal, academic, and business goals.

We’re very excited to welcome Instituto de Ensino & Inovação to the team and expand our audience into Brazil!

Interested in becoming part of our global community and accelerating your revenue at the same time? We have a number of partnership opportunities available, including becoming a Global Partner, Reseller or Affiliate for Ayoa. To find out more, please visit our Partnerships page here.

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