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August 25, 2020

Meet our Global Partner for the US: eLuminate Consulting

by Louise Cunnah posted in Ayoa.

Ayoa | Meet our Global Partner for the US: eLuminate Consulting
The Ayoa team is excited to officially announce that eLuminate Consulting is our new Global Partner for the US! Our Global Partners help to spread the benefits of Ayoa on a global scale by recruiting resellers and acting as an exclusive distributor of Ayoa within a specific region.

We recently spoke to Greg Voisen at eLuminate Consulting to find out more about the company and why they decided to partner with Ayoa. Check out the interview below:

Q: Who is eLuminate Consulting?

A: eLuminate Consulting is a boutique consulting firm specializing in inspiring insight, intuition and innovation in business.

Q: How did you discover Ayoa?

A: I interviewed their CEO Chris Griffiths for my podcast show, ‘Inside Personal Growth’, and our relationship grew from that meeting. I became a personal user of OpenGenius, then when Ayoa was created, decided that it would be good to step up and represent the company in the US.

Q: What made you want to become an Ayoa Global Partner?

A: I know organizations can achieve much more overall success if they use the tools and techniques that Ayoa and OpenGenius have created. Creativity and innovation will flourish and break through in every area of the company.

Q: How do you expect to see Ayoa being used in the US?

A: Within organizations with 10 or more employees, and with coaches who work with individuals and teams wanting to explore new ways to cohesively work together and co-create ideas and solutions to make them more viable in this fluid world we live in.

Q: What are you excited about for the future of Ayoa and eLuminate Consulting?

A: Exploring the endless opportunities to expose clients to a world of creativity and innovation at a time in our history where chaos seems to be prevalent. With Ayoa, we can bring rapid problem-solving to many of the world’s problems we face. It is exciting knowing that we have a product that, if adopted, can help teams and individuals create and engrain better coping skills while showing them how to innovate new ideas to solve our many challenges.

We have a number of Partnership opportunities available to help you boost your revenue and become part of our ever-growing global community. Whether you’re interested in becoming a Global Partner or joining us as a Reseller or Affiliate, discover more about Ayoa’s Partnership Programs.

Louise Cunnah

Louise Cunnah has always had a passion for the written word, leading to her studying English, Media and Journalism at Cardiff Metropolitan University. Since graduating in 2014, she has held a number of different roles in marketing, both agency-side and in-house for brands like Ayoa. She loves taking on a challenge and has written content on a diverse range of subjects over the years, including horticulture, business management, telecommunications, health and safety, productivity, neurodiversity, and personal finance (to name but a few!).

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