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September 8, 2020

Meet our Global Partner for the Republic of Korea: Limitless

by Rachel Pewsey posted in Ayoa.

Ayoa | Meet our Global Partner for the Republic of Korea: Limitless
We’re very pleased to officially welcome Limitless as our Global Partner for the Republic of Korea. Our community of global partners help to spread the benefits of Ayoa on a global scale by acting as exclusive distributors within a specific region.

We spoke with Seung-jun and Sung-gi from Limitless so they can introduce themselves and discuss their journey to joining us as a Global Partner!

Ayoa’s Q&A with Limitless

Q: Who are Limitless and how were you founded?

A: Limitless is a six-employee company founded in September 2017. The company is located in Euljiro, central Seoul, and its staff consists of sales, education and R&D. Seung-jun, who had mainly been in charge of customer operations, and Sung-gi, who worked as an engineer, established Limitless based on their experience of working together for six years.

With the current main businesses, we are conducting IT system construction and consulting for all customers, including companies, public institutions and schools, and conducting the project to spread Ayoa in Korea along with about 20 channels.

Q: How did you discover Ayoa?

A: We already knew about iMindMap and Droptask [now Ayoa] because we had experience in selling mind map software to several companies in Korea. We happened to find the Korean version of iMindMap and started preparing for full-scale business. And to that end, we met with CEO Chris [Griffiths] in the UK and heard about Ayoa’s plan to launch in Korean. We were really excited then. We heard from Chris, and we sincerely thank OpenGenius for releasing Ayoa’s Korean version.

Limitless Korea Ayoa stand

Q: What made you want to become a Global Partner for Ayoa?

A: In the face of deepening globalization, the life cycle of products is getting shorter and customers are looking for more differentiated products. Therefore, we really thought a lot about how good it would be if we could sell our customers with global products. We were sure that Ayoa would solve these problems and it is the same now.

The coronavirus is a new crisis that is different from the Lehman Brothers crisis in the past. Demand and supply itself have disappeared. The world will be more closed and the global supply chain itself will change. Therefore, this crisis will soon lead to opportunity, which is a boon for us and certainly an opportunity.

Q: How do you expect to see Ayoa being used in Korea?

A: Korea’s national reconstruction policies in the future are Data, Network, Artificial intelligence, Untact environment and Smart factories (DNA+US). In other words, digital innovation is taking place using the infrastructure technologies of the Fourth Industrial Revolution. But we think the most important thing is the digital transformation of business. This will also be the same with the teaching methods of teachers and students in the field of education, and Ayoa can create a blue ocean because it can encompass both businesses and education.

Digital transformation is a different problem than a simple video conference. Google Meet, MS Teams and Zoom are great, but there are limitations for detailed projects and remote class tools in companies and educational institutions. Because for a project, results are important, but the process must be organized systematically until results are produced. And the visual elements that anyone can relate to should be intertwined and shared from time to time.

How can this be possible with simple messengers and videoconferencing? In a word, it’s impossible. Since video conferencing is an auxiliary means and cannot be the main product, Ayoa will be an innovative solution in Korea, where coronavirus has become daily life. And at its center is Limitless.

Limitless Korea Ayoa stand

Q: What are you excited about for the future of Ayoa and Limitless?

A: We can consult on work innovation in enterprises with Ayoa and give value as project teaching tools in the education field. And it is the greatest joy to be able to contribute to the development of the Republic of Korea in the long term, and we are really happy to have the opportunity to become an icon of innovation. We will establish a business innovation in Korea.

Interested in joining our ever-growing global community? We have a range of partnership opportunities available to not only boost your revenue but allow you to become part of our wider team. From joining us as a Global Partner, Affiliate or Reseller, you can find out more on our partnerships page.

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