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July 3, 2024

Do You Make a Plan Before You Write an Essay? Do You Use Mind Maps? Bullet Point Lists?

by Alexa Dymond posted in DSA.

Ayoa | Do You Make a Plan Before You Write an Essay? Do You Use Mind Maps? Bullet Point Lists?

Planning is a crucial step in essay writing, yet it’s often overlooked by many students. Without a clear plan, your thoughts can easily become disorganised, making it challenging to produce a coherent and impactful essay. Whether you prefer mind maps or bullet point lists, structuring your ideas before you start writing can significantly improve the quality of your work. This is where Ayoa comes into play.

Solution: Ayoa

Ayoa is a versatile tool designed to help you plan and organise your essays effectively. Here’s a step-by-step guide on how to use Ayoa to turn your scattered thoughts into a well-structured essay.


Step 1: Dump Your Ideas in Our Universal Idea Bank

1. Brainstorm Freely: Start by dumping all your ideas into Ayoa’s universal idea bank. Don’t worry about organisation at this point—just get your thoughts out.

2. Collect Varied Inputs: Include everything that comes to mind: key points, potential arguments, interesting quotes, and research findings.

3. Create a Reserve: Think of this as your idea reservoir where every potential element of your essay is stored, ready to be organised and developed.


Step 2: Add Ideas to a Mind Map and Develop by Adding Notes

1. Create a Mind Map: Transfer your ideas from the universal idea bank into a mind map. This helps you visualise the structure of your essay.

2. Organise Logically: Group similar ideas together and create branches for different sections of the essay, such as Introduction, Body Paragraphs, and Conclusion.

3. Add Detailed Notes: Develop your ideas further by adding notes, subpoints, and supporting details. This ensures that each branch of your mind map is well thought-out and comprehensive.


Step 3: View in Doc View and See Your Essay Plan/Structure Coming Together

1. Transition to Doc View: Use Ayoa’s doc view feature to see how your mind map translates into a written format.

2. Outline Your Essay: Check that your essay has a clear, logical flow from the introduction to the conclusion. Make adjustments as needed to ensure coherence and smooth transitions between sections.

3. Finalise Structure: Fine-tune the structure and content, ensuring each part of the essay contributes effectively to your overall argument or narrative.

Streamline Your Essay Writing Process with Ayoa!

By using Ayoa to plan and structure your essay, you can transform a chaotic flood of ideas into a clear, coherent, and compelling piece of writing. Whether you’re a fan of mind maps or bullet point lists, Ayoa’s versatile features make it easier to organise your thoughts and develop a strong essay plan.

Start using Ayoa today and make essay planning an effortless and rewarding part of your writing process!

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Support your Students with Ayoa

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Alexa Dymond

Alexa is an innovative and passionate Marketing Manager at Opengenius, bringing a graphic design degree from the University of the West of England and a versatile toolbox of marketing and design skills amassed throughout her professional journey.

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