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March 1, 2021

Case study: Why Ayoa is a great a time-saving task management tool for marketing agencies

by Louise Cunnah posted in Ayoa, Case Studies, Video.

At Ayoa, we pride ourselves on being a flexible work management tool that can be used by teams in various industries to brainstorm creative ideas, keep track of deadlines and work together seamlessly – no matter where they are. In this video case study, Gareth Manger, the Founder and CEO of Afluencr, a business support and marketing agency for fitness entrepreneurs, shares why his team loves using Ayoa to help them save time and prioritize their work as an agency.

Based in South Wales, Afleuncr is a business support and advertising agency that helps fitness entrepreneurs to scale a successful online fitness business. They offer a wide range of digital marketing and design services, such as bespoke web design, app development, branding services and online advertising to help fitness trainers build the business of their dreams and become an Afluencr Entrepreneur – leaders that inspire others and are committed to helping their customers reach their fitness goals.

Watch the video to find out more about why Afluencr’s CEO and Founder, Gareth, and his team love Ayoa’s task management capabilities to help them save time by being able to easily see which tasks are most urgent and keep track of their work on the go.

“Ayoa saves us a lot of time. It’s an absolutely fantastic task management tool. It’s completely changed the way we operate.”

To find out more about Gareth and Afluencr and how they work with clients, visit their website.

Can our task management software help your agency marketing?

Ayoa is a complete work management tool that is perfect for any agency that works with clients – whether you’re a marketing agency, a design agency, or even a freelance specialist without an in-house team working alongside you.

With its unique blend of online whiteboards, mind mapping, task management and team collaboration features (such as video chat and instant messaging), Ayoa is the ultimate design and marketing agency tool. Whether you need to brainstorm ideas for your latest client campaign, plan upcoming work, stay on top of your deadlines for various client projects, track your progress, or share information with your clients, Ayoa lets you do it all.

Visit our pricing page for more information about the endless possibilities that are available to you in Ayoa. To find out more about how Ayoa can help your design or marketing agency, book a demo with a member of our team.

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