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May 18, 2022 (Updated April 3rd, 2024)

Best Mind Mapping Examples!

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Ayoa | Best Mind Mapping Examples!
Mind maps can be used to plan and carry out almost every task you perform in a day, week, month or even a year. They are widely used by people in numerous professions, be it businessmen, artists, students or lawyers or teachers. Therefore, in our Ayoa Hall of Fames, we provide you with some of the very best mind mapping examples.

You can also use them to plan your days, or even to better understand and remember a book you’re reading. Take inspiration from these mind maps and create your own masterpiece, using them as guiding tools. We have widely divided the examples in 3 categories – education, business and lifestyle. Click on the image to reveal their larger versions and get creating!


1. Writing an essay

Essay writing with mind maps

Dreading your three thousand word essay? End procrastination today and start planning the essay with Ayoa’s essay planning mind map template. The topic of your essay will be the central theme of the mind map, add the various sections as main branches and continue to expand on them. Plan each task and schedule them too.

Add images, links to sources and notes to your mind map for future reference. As the mind map nears completion, you will realise that there is actually nothing dreadful about the essay writing process when you use the mind map as a tool.


Read more about how to structure an essay using Ayoa in this guide for students..

2. Understanding a subject

Understanding a subject in detail- mind mapping examples

Want to summarise an entire subject and understand it better? Just put it in the central bubble of a mind map and add branches dividing it into several parts, exploring the subject in detail. Here’s a mind map example for you.

The image above is one of our mind mapping examples that scans through the Literature of Business, Poetry, History, Fiction and others, along with the useful books and authors related to these sub-topics. Let’s see if you can squire through your subjects and topics to know them more in detail.


Learn how Ayoa can help you break down subject content while studying. Explore Ayoa more to excel in your exams.

3. Exploring a topic

mind mapping examples for exploring any topic of your interest

Interested in a particular topic, but find it difficult to read through and remember every part of it? Ayoa’s mind maps have got you covered. Make a mind map as you go on reading and learning more about the topic for better retention of the information.

Mind mapping has been considered to be one of the most effective memory techniques. The topic you’re memorising will be your central idea and the branches radiating out from it will be the important points you wish to remember and highlight in your memory.


Continue reading to find more uses of mind mapping for an enhanced and fun studying experience with Ayoa.

4. Making class notes

Making class notes- mind mapping examples

Do you ever get bored of taking down notes in class because of how dull it is? And then soon after feel regret for not jotting everything down? Try a fun and creative way of note making in class with Ayoa’s Class Notes Template.

Add visual multimedia elements to the mind map and make your notes more interesting. Carry around your digital class notes on any device thanks to Ayoa’s cloud storage and eradicate the risk of losing paper notes.


1. Designing a logo

Logo designing- mind mapping examples

If you struggle with getting your creative juices flowing, let mind mapping act as a catalyst for you. Whether it’s designing, writing or preparing a creative performance, mind mapping will help you kickstart your work.

Design your company’s logo with this ‘Logo Design’ mind map example. Prepare a development plan, define the aspects of your brand you wish to display through the logo and research accordingly. You can also link any inspirational examples to the mind map for reference.

Brainstorm ideas and evaluate situations through a mind map, note down the requirements and dos and don’ts of your task as you can see in the mind map above. This will help you to get started and work efficiently.


Take a look at some smart ways to perform brainstorming by yourself and in a group for better results, with Ayoa.

2. Planning an event

Event plan- mind mapping examples

The planning of an event is not as easy and fun as the event itself. It involves a lot of work and responsibility. Make a mind map about all the tasks that need to be done while planning and organising an event. Allocate the tasks to the respective persons and make sure none of them are neglected.

Be it a professional event or a fun one with friends and family, be uber ready with a perfect event plan in the form of a mind map. Use one of our mind mapping examples as shown above and create yours easily.


Katrina Cinus, Events Manager at the University of South Wales and an avid user of Ayoa say, “Endless opportunities for event organisers.” in her testimonial for the software. Watch the full video to better understand how it can be useful for event managers and organisers.

3. Business department

Business departments- mind mapping examples

If you work in an organisation with about 20 or more employees, you might be familiar with the struggle of remembering whom to consult for any specific information, tasks, or even for problem solving in a particular domain.

It’s especially a nightmare if you are a newbie! Make your employees’ life simpler by creating a Business Personnel mind map as seen in the mind mapping examples above. Each person will know exactly where they need to go to get their work done.


Learn how to make your employees want to come into work everyday with a smile on their faces. Read our blog to ensure a happier workforce.

4. Planning a business start up

Business start-up plan in the form of a mind mapping

Starting any business or even project is never easy. The planning and proper implementation can be intimidating at first. Break down the steps in a mind map through various branches and sub branches to make it less complicated.

Having the objective of your business ahead of you will help you stay on track. Sketch out the tasks you need to perform to set-up your business and ensure they are completed in time. A mind map like this will make delegating and following up of responsibilities easier, while ensure that nothing is missed out.


Don’t just what we say about our software, read about Daniel Perdigão’s experience with using Ayoa while building his start-up and learn from some real life examples.

5. Enhancing web presence

Enhance your web presence- mind mapping examples

Want to enhance your website presence, but can’t scan through the myriad of options available? Draw a mind map with all your requirements- SEO, updates in older content, changing images and tag- and available options, and evaluate each of them to make your decision making process easier.

The infinite canvas of Ayoa will allow you to explore all your requirements, the market, your clients and as many alternatives as possible. You can also further divide the mind map into tasks and departments that will handle them.


1. Creating a schedule

Weekly schedule- mind mapping examples

We live in the 21st century and keeping a diary for your monthly, weekly or daily plans/ schedule is pretty much outdated. Numerous digital solutions have been developed for scheduling, but imagine converting your schedule into a mind map.

Well, you don’t have to imagine, we have one prepared for you. A weekly schedule mind map will make your life much easier by presenting to you all your appointments and commitments, and making sure that none of them overlap with each other. What’s better is that with Ayoa you can even put start and due dates to each of your meetings, etc. by utilising its built in task management capabilities.


Use the ‘My Calendar’ feature in Ayoa for better scheduling of your days, weeks and months. Go through this step by step guide to make maximum use of your the Ayoa calendar which is made to replace you paper diary.

2. Enhancing mindfulness and reducing stress

Practicing mindfulness- mind mapping examples

Our lives in the modern, fast paced world have become full of stress and busy schedules. It’s very important to spare some time for ourselves and focus on our mental peace, but what if you had an easy way of enhancing mindfulness and reducing stress?

This example of a mindfulness mind map displays small things you can do throughout the day to take care of your mental health. It focuses on your work, sleep, diet and other factors, you can add in branches that suit you better and personalise the mind map even more dependent upon your individual needs.


Learn about how looking after your health and staying fit can enable you to perform better at work. Also read, how mind mapping can help you manage stress in workplace.

3. Renovating a property

Property renovation planning- mind mapping examples

Revamping and remodelling anything can be a lot of work, let alone your home or office. But drawing a mind map can simplify the planning process and enable you to brainstorm ideas, designs, etc. in a much broader way.

With Ayoa, you can also share the plan with your family or friends for free and ask for suggestions and advice on matters you might not be well-versed with. Allocate separate branches for each room and plan their renovation in detail.


Are you thinking how you would be able to share your creativity with your friends and family? Ayoa’s got you covered. You can now share your mind mapping masterpieces with anyone, even if they aren’t signed up to Ayoa!! Learn how to do this, with our easy tutorial.

4. Plan a trip

Plan a trip with Ayoa's mind maps

Are you a fan of noting everything down while planning a vacation? If so, then you will love using a mind map to do this. As you can see in the example above, a mind map can help you plan and pack for your trip very efficiently.

From the central bubble being your destination draw branches naming everything you need to take care of. Right from the luggage you need to carry, to the people accompanying you, bookings, route and even emergency actions, you’ll be covered in any direction your adventure will take you on!


Are you thinking how you would be able to share your creativity with your friends and family? Ayoa’s got you covered. You can now share your mind mapping masterpieces with anyone, even if they aren’t signed up to Ayoa!! Learn how to do this, with our easy tutorial.


This blog shows you very few of the numerous possible types of mind mapping examples. We have tried to list a few illustrations to inspire our users, but the canvas for mind mapping is limitless. You can draw as many and as big mind maps as you wish and use them for any kind of activity professionally, personally, academically or just for your day-to-day tasks. Use these mind mapping examples to get motivated and add creativity to your life.

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