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February 22, 2024

Ayoa DSA Tailor-Made for DSA Students & New Subscription Plan!

by Alexa Dymond posted in DSA, Education and Learning.

Ayoa | Ayoa DSA Tailor-Made for DSA Students & New Subscription Plan!

We bring you exciting news and an update! To enhance the experience of the DSA students, we are thrilled to announce the launch of our Ayoa DSA, an all-inclusive software solution specifically designed for DSA students. More details about it from our newly released video:

Input from needs assessors, students, and other key players in the DSA space have shaped Ayoa to provide an unmatched, all-in-one solution. Ayoa DSA includes all mind-blowing features from Ayoa Ultimate which comprises visual task management, presentation mode, dedicated iOS and Android apps, unlimited AI and a lot more.

This exclusive product offers a complete 5-year access, and we are pleased to extend it for another year at no additional cost for part-time students to ensure no learner is left behind. The holistic nature of our product makes the recommendation process seamless and helps present the numerous benefits of Ayoa to your students efficiently. For detailed information about our features, kindly refer to our Recommendation guide, DSA Information Sheet and our Ayoa DSA: Feature List.

As always, our ultimate goal is to make our products work for you. Therefore, if you have any questions or need more context, we would be glad to talk to you. Please use this link to book a free 30 or 60-minute demo call with our team.

If you’re a Needs Assessor, new to Ayoa, book your here training today to receive your free licence

Together, let’s make sure the journey of DSA for students is smooth and effective!

Alexa Dymond

Alexa is an innovative and passionate Marketing Manager at Opengenius, bringing a graphic design degree from the University of the West of England and a versatile toolbox of marketing and design skills amassed throughout her professional journey.

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