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Why choose Ayoa’s Pro Plan?

Ayoa Pro is an ideal solution for teams and individuals looking to supercharge their productivity and creativity – providing them with the flexibility to achieve more. Discover the great features that Ayoa Pro offers below.


Manage unlimited projects

Ayoa Pro allows you to create an unlimited number of whiteboards, mind maps and task boards. With the ability to share these with whoever you wish, you can easily track everything in one central location – so nothing gets left to the wayside.

Manage Unlimited Projects


Have complete control

Want to grant users read-only access to your mind maps and whiteboards, or only allow them to edit their assigned tasks in a shared task board? The power is yours.

Stay in control by adjusting permissions to suit your needs, delegating tasks to others and tracking their progress using visual Progress Indicators.

  Complete Control
At a glance


See everything you need at a glance

Say goodbye to app-switching with Ayoa Pro. As well as being able to add notes, comments and checklists to tasks and the branches of your mind maps, you can also attach files (up to 20mb per file) – saving you time from searching through cluttered email inboxes.



Templates for every occasion

When creating whiteboards, mind maps and task boards, save time and get inspired by choosing from a range of premade templates to get you started (including SWOT Analysis, Essay Planner, Communications Plan, Daily To-Do List, SMART Goals Canvas, Monthly Planner and Kanban Board).

Ayoa template library
Manage your personal My Calendar  


Manage your personal calendar

Exclusive to our Pro and Ultimate plans, my calendar puts all of your tasks in one place, organized by their Start or due date – so you always know what to do next. You can also view the personal calendars of your contacts to easily determine their availability at a glance.



Empower your team

There is little point in managing tasks if they are the wrong ones to manage in the first place! Unlike other tools, Ayoa brings a holistic approach to productivity, supporting idea creation, communication and task management all in one app.

With Ayoa, your team is no longer forced to use multiple apps using complex integrations that waste their momentum, focus and time. Its multi-visual approach allows individuals to view their work the way they want, increasing engagement and motivation.

    Complete Control


Easily export your work

Thanks to our advanced exporting options, easily print or share your work with others outside of Ayoa. We’ve got you covered – whether you want to turn a mind map into a PNG or JPG image, PDF or Word Document, or download your task board as a CSV file.


easily export your work

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What else is included?

My Planner
My Planner
With all of your assigned tasks in one place, expertly prioritize your to-dos by organizing them by Now, Next or Soon.
Idea Bank
Idea Bank
Not ready to put an idea into action yet? Add it to your Idea Bank , then move it to a Mind Map when the time is right.
Priority Support
Priority Support
Need help? Jump the queue with VIP support! Our friendly customer support team will always be happy to assist you.
Task Filters
Task Filters
Looking for something in particular? Filter tasks by their assignee or keywords to quickly see what you need.
Email to Task
Email to Task
Find things get lost in your email inbox? Forward your to-dos straight to Ayoa so you never lose track of them.
Sync across devices
Sync across devices
Available on Web, Desktop, iOS and Anroid devices, always stay connected as changes to Ayoa update automatically.
Task Dependencies
Task Dependencies
Add structure to your projects by creating links between tasks to determine when they should be actioned.
Daily Summaries
Daily Summaries
Never lose track of a deadline again! Each day, you'll receive an email telling you what you should be working on next.

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“A more intuitive way to manage workloads”

Online or offline*, Ayoa's got you covered

Whether you need to work online or offline, any time and from anywhere, Ayoa offers complete flexibility with a selection of apps available to download for free.

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*Ayoa is a cloud-based app - working offline is advised as short term. View our FAQs. Please see our full list of features and their app availability.