What is agile project management and how can I achieve it?

Agile project management (APM) is a more flexible way of working. Instead of focussing on a strict target or agenda, agile teams react to changing conditions throughout a project’s duration, enabling them to generate better results.

Achieve this seamlessly in Ayoa by managing every project in one place, while having the flexibility to change deadlines and milestones, update goals and actions, and track the progress of every task everyone is working on – no matter how extensive a project is.


Every project managed in one place - Ayoa

Every project managed in one place

Have multiple projects? Keep on top of them all in dedicated Task Boards and add useful Comments, Checklists and Due Dates to tasks.

A flexible agile working solution - Ayoa

A flexible agile working solution

With multiple Views for Task Boards, everyone who is working on a project can see their tasks in the one that suits their needs.

Keep everyone in the loop with ease - Ayoa

Keep everyone in the loop with ease

Ensure everyone is always on the same page with direct instant messaging, group chats and the ability to add comments to tasks.

monitor team performance

View your to-do list from anywhere

The Ayoa app is available on Web, iOS and Android, so you can keep track of your work even when you’re away from the office.

task progress tracking

Instant updates on task progress

Need a quick update on when a task will be completed? Easily see how much has already been done with visual Progress Indicators.

process incoming requests

Quick and simple team onboarding

Get started with our agile project management software as quickly as possible with in-app walkthroughs and our friendly support team.

This has been a great tool for me. I love that I can map out all the different aspects I need to consider for a project. The interface is great, and all of the different viewing options provide different ways to look at what you're doing.
Andrew B. E, Manager


Adaptable to every project

Adaptable to every project

No matter the project, Ayoa has a suitable Task Board View. Aiming to accomplish your goals during a short sprint? Workflow View lets you quickly put everything in a simple list. Working on a full-scale product launch? Gantt Timeline View puts everything in a clear timeline.

The power to react quickly

Agile teams constantly reassess a project’s plan and change this when needed – so they have to act fast. In Ayoa, you can break projects down into multiple tasks to assign to others, and add individual Comments and Due Dates – then change these with a few clicks.

The power to react quickly
Your best ideas uncovered

Your best ideas uncovered

The key to delivering succesful projects? Great ideas. Mind Mapping in Ayoa is the perfect brainstorming tool because it encourages you to make associations between ideas – and you can share your maps with others so everyone can add ideas and give feedback.

Visual task management

Keep projects evolving by combining creativity with productivity. Get inspired by Ayoa’s uniquely visual and customizable interface; devise innovative ideas in Mind Maps, then make project actions easier to manage through colorful bubbles and lists.

Your best ideas uncovered
Ayoa is flexible and easy to adapt to the way you work and want to manage tasks or projects. Before discovering Ayoa, I jumped from one app to the other because they just didn't suit me. Now, I manage multiple client projects with ease.
Eugeine G, Digital Marketer


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