Mind Mapping is the visual thinking tool currently used by hundreds of millions of people all over the world and all throughout history. Read on to find out how you can achieve your goals by unlocking the power of your creative potential.

Chris Griffiths is the #1 world-leading expert in Mind Mapping.

With over 28 years of experience in the innovation field, Chris is on a mission to share this powerful creative technique with the rest of the world. Not just to supercharge creativity, but to show the link between Mind Mapping and goal achievement.

Chris wrote the book ‘Mind Maps for Business’ with the inventor of Mind Mapping, Tony Buzan. He was responsible for the creation of the ThinkBuzan Licensed Instructor Course in Mind Mapping, setting up a worldwide network of over 1,000 instructors.


Mind Mappers are taking our information democracy to the next stage.
Bill Gates

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What are Mind Maps?

Mind Maps are keys. Contrary to popular belief, we all have the ability to be creative. Mind Maps not only unlock our creative thoughts, but they also give them structure.

Mind Maps reflect the ideas already in your head, but they also act as a catalyst, drawing out more. With ideas sparking more ideas (and creating a perfect visual encapsulation of the personal thought process) Mind Mapping is a tool capable of unknotting even the most difficult of problems.

Find out more about how to Mind Map here.


Chris Griffiths story

“Mind Mapping has been a foundational element of my life and creative journey, which is why I have such a deep and meaningful connection to the Mind Map.

I’m passionate about sharing the Mind Map with the world. Of course, it has an audience already, but it’s still frequently misunderstood or unknown. It’s often seen as something that’s just for people who are comfortable calling themselves ‘creative’.

This is a mind-boggling fact when you consider how universal the form is. Mind Maps are highly accessible, a great aid to those with learning challenges, and can be a benefit to the creative thinking of every individual. Not just creativity for creativity’s sake – but to solve problems and achieve goals.”



Mind Mapping to achieve goals is easy


Chris’ top tips for Mind Mapping to achieve goals:

1) Trust in the power of your own creative thought

Society has wrongly attached a narrow idea to the ‘creative type’ – but the truth is anyone can be creative, and science backs this. So before you get started, make sure your mind is open and optimistic. This way, you’ll really maximise the process.

2) Get your ideas down

Everybody has to start somewhere. Start firing out ideas without judgement – use your central point as a springboard. Our brain naturally sparks associations and soon you’ll be filling up an unlimited canvas with untapped new ideas.

3) Reverse brainstorm

Problems stump the best of us sometimes – if your situation is just too complex and daunting to even begin contemplating, try flipping it on its head. Brainstorm ideas of how you could make the problem worse; look for non-solutions – you’ll be amazed how changing your thinking will reveal new and unusual ideas you couldn’t see before.

4) Take action

Mind Mapping done – you’re now armed with more ideas than you can shake a stick at. If you really want to achieve your goals, you need to take the best of those ideas forward. Make your vision a reality and you’ll naturally reap the benefits.

5) Keep up the process

Neither Mind Mapping nor creativity should be seen as one-time events, they are processes that affect everything. To keep on achieving, you need to make Mind Mapping a part of your life, work and ambition.


Now all you need is to get started – Mind Mapping can be done by hand, or with software, it just depends on your style! Ayoa is free – why not jump right in?


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