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Being an AT Trainer & experiencing a myriad of neurodivergent students, I watch the stress & then the wide-eyed ‘OMG’ moments when I share with them Ayoa.
Tracey Valliere-Evans, AT Trainer



Imagine an education where learners give a range of answers, absorb information in a variety of ways and communicate differently. Stop imagining because that is found in every classroom thanks to neurodiversity.

Although what, where and where to learn are set by authorities and decided upon without input from students, how best to learn is a flexible enigma which can’t be fixed – it’s unique for every individual. Learning this is itself a learning curve for many but by delivering education with options, everyone wins!

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Foster true engagement

Ofsted reported in 2021 that 59% of SEND students were disengaged with remote learning, noting that “careful selection” was needed on “the best way to teach content so young people can remember and use learnt knowledge confidently and well.”

In Ayoa, educational content is given a neurodiverse makeover in the form of dynamically colourful digital mind maps which inspire, adapt and speak to every brain type.

Make adjustments default (not reasonable)

Current estimates of 1 in 7 people having a neurological difference are becoming increasingly questioned. Due to growing awareness and acceptance, 1 in 3 is now looking a more likely figure.

Schools have therefore always needed to make accommodations the norm. Do it now with:

Colourful, visual and intuitive - Ayoa

Coloruful and visual mind maps

Renowned for supporting the processing of information

Flexible communication - Ayoa

Flexible communication

Comments, instant messaging, audio notes, and video chat

Customisable organisation - Ayoa

Customisable organisation

View collaborative projects in a way which suits individuals best

Background colours - Ayoa


Switch background colours for improved contrast and reading

Neurodiversity-friendly font - Ayoa

Neurodiversity-friendly font

Open Sans used as default throughout the Ayoa app



Changing attitudes, progressive action

Providing adjustments in an educational setting is not only for the benefit of students but staff too. UNISON revealed in 2020 that more than 50% of disabled workers who felt they were less productive had not been given any reasonable adjustments to support them to work from home.


Decrease Overwhelm

Having a tendency to be a visual learner should not result in stress but due to the lack of a conducive learning environment, studies have found that students with learning disabilities experience higher levels of frustration, anxiety, and helplessness.

Change this with Ayoa – a learning environment made for neurodiverse minds.


Work visually

Visual Ayoa Canvas task board


Work with structure

Structured Ayoa workflow task board

Gantt Timeline

Work to time

Time-oriented Ayoa Gantt Timeline task board

Better organisation

Each academic term has much to fit in but by planning in advance, students and teachers alike can achieve what they aspire to. Lead by example to your students and inspire your staff by being organised and inclusive all at once.

Ayoa provides interchangeable task management views, reminders, filters and more to make your route to success easy to see, and time blindness a thing of the past. It’s no surprise that on average Ayoa users are 46% more productive!

Prepare for tomorrow’s world

Neurodiversity is the future. Without it, things would stay as they are forever.

Great minds deserve great opportunities, so make sure your students get the best educational experience they can and prepare them for the future at the same time with Ayoa – the collaborative workspace which puts continual learning, innovation and neurodiversity first.

Usher in inclusive learning for all

Ayoa devices

Be at the forefront of making education truly accessible for the learners of today, the leaders of tomorrow.

Open up minds, open up education, open up Ayoa.

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