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It’s time to think differently

Around the world, companies are learning to embrace remote work. With teams scattered in different locations, staying in the loop and keeping productivity up is important.

In a situation such as this, we have two choices: simply surviving, or thriving.

Ayoa is the tool of the moment. Not only does it facilitate seamless collaboration and teamwork, it boosts creative thinking in teams. With shareable Mind Maps and highly visual virtual brainstorming spaces, Ayoa gives teams a way to think differently, together.

Accelerate team productivity levels - Ayoa - Mind Mapping Software

Accelerate team productivity levels

Establish accountability by assigning team members to tasks and setting due dates to ensure deadlines are met.

Instantly track task progress - Mind Mapping Software - Ayoa

Instantly track task progress

Need a progress update? Instantly see how much of a task has been completed. Add task notes, comments and priority indicators to inform others of updates.

monitor team performance

Effective team communication

Instant messaging and comments ensure everyone is kept on the same page. Status indicators show who’s online to chat with.

payment reminders

Teamwork without

With real-time Task Board and Mind Map collaboration, brainstorm great ideas and work on tasks together – wherever you may be.

go beyond spreadsheets

Collaborative Mind Mapping

Ever tried Mind Mapping to manage your projects? Proven to boost productivity by 46%, discover Ayoa’s all-in-one Mind Mapping and Task Management functionality.

process incoming requests

Quick and simple team onboarding

Not sure how to get started? Our friendly support team will show you how to get your team up and running with Ayoa.

My job is to manage multiple large-scale projects with several teams working remotely around the world. Ayoa is intuitive, made for humans, and is simple to use. Within a couple of minutes you’ve understood what you need to do and can begin to work.
Mark Pohlmann, HP Project Manager

Working from home made simple with Ayoa

Virtual office

Create a virtual office

When you’re not in the same location as your team, Ayoa helps you simulate all the best bits of an office environment. With team avatars, a visual overview of assigned tasks and seamless team communication – you’ll feel all the benefits of working together, despite any physical distance.

Stay in the loop

Ayoa’s shared digital workspaces allow everyone to have a record and overview of responsibilities. Notifications ensure you never miss a beat so you have the freedom to work flexibly at the times you perform best. One-to-one and group messaging mean you can ask quick questions and get quick responses.

Stay in the loop
Stay in the loop

Mind Map Meetings

Just because you’re not in the same time zone, doesn’t mean you can’t work on the same things at the same time. Invite your team to join a collaborative Mind Map, so you can brainstorm ideas and collaborate in real-time.

Visual task management

Ayoa’s uniquely visual interface provides a new way to manage your projects. With tasks presented as colorful bubbles, delegation, task progress and priorities are always clear.

Stay in the loop

Ayoa gives me a unique project status report which is visually beautiful and perfect for when I report to senior management who like to pin the reports up on their wall.
Mark Pohlmann, HP Project Manager


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