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Ayoa is an all-in-one online whiteboard for remote teams. Brainstorm ideas, work together and get things done.

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Ayoa: whiteboards, mind maps, tasks and chat
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“The most unique twist on task management I’ve ever seen”

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“Visually-oriented people – this layout boosts productivity”

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“Turns your tasks into an awesome venn diagram”

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“A more intuitive way to manage workloads”

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Unrivaled flexibility


Whiteboards New feature

Whether you’re working alone or with a team, holding a meeting or planning a project, you can now do it all in Ayoa.

Whiteboards in Ayoa

Mind maps

Brainstorming ideas for a project? Taking notes in a meeting? Visually map out your ideas to boost your organization and ability to think creatively.

Mind maps in Ayoa


Inspired by the traditional Kanban board, this visual task board view lets you manage your projects and workflows in a simple, linear format.

Workflow in Ayoa


Discover a more creative way to manage your work. With your tasks presented as colorful bubbles, canvas view makes it easy to visualize your tasks.

Canvas view in Ayoa


Working on a project with multiple milestones? Put your tasks into a clear and easily adaptable Gantt chart to stay on top of your changing priorities.

Gantt charts in Ayoa


Ready to make every goal a reality? Present your aims and ideas in a visual pie-chart and stay motivated by seeing your priorities at a glance.

Radial mind maps in Ayoa
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How to use Ayoa

Project managers icon

Project managers

Break complex projects down using task boards, then set start and due dates, assign tasks to others, and more.

Education icon


Create engaging lesson plans and revision aids, while giving students the tools they need to better plan their work.

Marketing icon


Brainstorm ideas for your next campaign, turn them into actionable tasks, then track your progress and results.

Writers icon


Plan your next book, article or blog post, keep track of your various deadlines and easily share drafts with others.

Remote work icon

Remote work

Collaborate on boards, host video meetings and easily give others updates on your work from anywhere.

To-do lists icon

To-do lists

Create a digital to-do list that lets you add editable due dates, reminders, notes and checklists to every task.

Holding meetings icon

Holding meetings

Make every meeting effective by using Ayoa to plan your agenda and take notes to turn into actionable tasks.

Dyslexia icon


Organize complex information into a simpler format using visual mind maps, task boards and whiteboards.


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Customer reviews

 Rich Lovelock Avatar

I’ve tried every organizational tool going I think, [but] I’ve not tried something that has so seamlessly fitted into my workflow with all [the] features I need and more, I subscribed within ten minutes.

Rich Lovelock, Web Developer

Kylie Ross Avatar

I’m really loving the mix of visual and text and the choice of views. I’ve left my Trello behind (sorry), and this is all I use for both my business and personal to-dos. It’s easy and quick to setup and I’m in love.

Kylie Ross, Creative Entrepreneur

 Ariel OosthuizenAvatar

It is beautiful, easy, comprehensive, intuitive, no glitches, not exorbitantly priced. In short…AWESOME!

Ariel Oosthuizen, Ministries Director

Chris Coney Avatar

Not an hour goes by that I don’t refer to Ayoa, and it remembers everything for me so I don’t have to work in a stressful state.

Chris Coney, Marketing Consultant




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