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  • Give yourself a brain break July 2019 Indian Management
  • The Link Between DNA and creativity 22/07/2019 Irish Tech News
  • Creative Thinking and Problem Solving 20/07/2019 Everyday MBA podcast
  • Teaching Creativity with Chris Griffiths 13/07/19 Newstalk podcast
  • Imagine there is no box? July 2019 the HR Director Magazine
  • Summer reads for investors July 2019 What investment magazine
  • Why You Should Think About Your Thinking 10/07/19 Kogan Page
  • A Systematic Process to Creativity from Chris Griffiths 10/07/19 Creative Warriors Podcast
  • Insider Most Exciting Companies in Wales July 2019 Wales Business Insider
  • 10 questions with Chris Griffiths, the creative entrepreneur behind OpenGenius 25/06/2019 Vida Unique
  • Don’t think outside the box; remove the box entirely, says OpenGenius CEO 19/06/2019 Business Standard India
  • Innovate with optimism June 2019 Indian Management
  • Future-proofed firms June 2019 Industry Networker Magazine
  • Fostering a Culture of Creativity in a smaller Firm June 2019 Leadership Excellence, HR.com (p 12-13)
  • Episode 27 of Looking for AND podcast – Chris Griffiths, The Creative Thinking Handbook 12/06/2019 Looking for AND podcast
  • Give yourself a ‘brain break’ 12/06/2019 Education Executive
  • Why Purpose, Mission, Vision and Values Really Do Matter 11/06/2019 Great Leadership Magazine
  • Is Your Boss A Corporate Dinosaur? Nine Responses Which Kill Creativity 04/06/2019 Minute Hack
  • Six tips to boost happiness and creativity at work 28/05/2019 Recruitment International
  • Top 10 Task Management Tools May-June2019 Software World
  • Recognizing Failure 13/06/2019 the Smart Manager
  • Rethinking Daydreaming: Why A Wandering Mind Benefits Business 09/05/2019 Strategy Driven
  • We lose creativity with age: how to nurture your childlike creativity in business meetings 02/05/2019 Business Matters
  • Get creative about creativity May 2019 the HR Future
  • The Creative Thinking Handbook, your step-by-step guide to problem solving in business, reviewed 26/04/2019 Irish Tech News
  • Thinking without the box instead of inside the box 26/04/2019 the HR Director
  • The Creative Thinking Handbook: Practical Tips For Enhancing Creativity In Real Businesses 25/04/2019 Open Business Council
  • 4 Steps For Leaders To Practice Innovation In Their Company 18/04/2019 CEO World
  • Let employees off the leash to build a more creative environment 23/04/2019 The Telegraph
  • Top Tips for delivering the ‘next big thing’ 17/04/2019 Irish Tech News
  • Productivity takes a hit with daylight savings 01/04/2019 OEN magazine



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