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November 1, 2016

The planner versus the doer

by ayoaredux posted in Productivity.

Ayoa | The planner versus the doer
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Here’s a thought-provoking question for you: Do you consider yourself a planner or a doer?

In the process of developing our new Calendar View, we noticed something interesting. Some of our team showed a preference for viewing their schedule by start dates, while others only wanted to view the due dates of their tasks. We came to the conclusion that those leaning toward start dates were the ‘planners’ of the group, and they liked to be more organized in how they approached their work. On the other side of the scale were the ‘doers’ whose main focus was on taking action to get the job done; so all that mattered to them were their deadlines.

Both planning and doing workstyles are equally valid in the workplace, and the best teams excel by harnessing the strengths of each. That’s why the all-new DropTask Calendar allows you to choose how you view your entire workload – by Start Date or Due Date – so you can manage your time in a way that suits you.

Not sure if you’re a planner or a doer? Here’s how you can tell.

“I’m a Planner”


Planners are a naturally deliberate and focused bunch. These organized types love lists, calendars, timelines, budgets, schedules and charts, and are driven to give order to the world around them. Planners tend to think more strategically and are great at exploring different opportunities or sides of a problem, as well as overseeing projects. It’s all about the where and how for these guys. Once they have the big picture in sight, they prefer to map things out in clear stages, so they know exactly where they’re headed and how they’re going to get there. Goals need to be clear and deliverables outlined at the outset, all carefully thought out to ensure the best possible outcome. Some planners hold on to their plans like security blankets. Predictability and caution is the name of the game, while ambiguity makes them edgy and nervous. Does this sound like you?

If you’re a planner, take care not to get stuck on perfecting the plan to the point that you delay the work getting done. Even the best-laid plans still need to be executed, so planners work well with others who are ready to act. And sometimes, a bit of flexibility could be just what your plan needs to make better progress – after all, things don’t always go according to plan!

“I’m a DOER”


Doers are masters of action – they make things happen. When handed an assignment, a doer’s first tendency is to dive right in, and they work fluidly and fast to check off their to-dos one by one. In other words, doers are all about the what. The ‘Shoot, Fire, Aim’ approach works well for this kind of worker, without the faff of planning everything out or holding meeting after meeting; and they nimbly sidestep the dangers of analysis paralysis. ‘Doing’ folk can happily ‘go with the flow’ and spontaneously take advantage of opportunities that cross their path because they’re not confined to the mental box created by their plan. They are intensely focused on one area rather than broadly focused like the planner. Often, doers see planning as getting in the way of their actual work, not as part of the work itself. Speed is valued over process, and any snags or obstacles are dealt with swiftly. Do these traits seem familiar to you?

While doers are able to handle truckloads of work, their lack of planning can cost them. Rushing at a doer’s pace, it’s easy to overlook important things or forget to communicate with your team. A plan is a framework for action, and a few minutes’ worth of planning before taking action makes for better and more consistent results.

Whether you’re a doer or a planner, DropTask can help you plan and do more – smartly and efficiently. The spanking new Calendar feature allows you to toggle between Start and Due dates for your tasks, so you can stay on top of your must-do priorities whatever your work style. Have you checked out the Calendar view yet? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

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7 years ago

I fall into the Doer description, I’d like to think that I make things happen and I can dive right in and check things off the to do list. In doing so, little things like email management plays a big roll in doing my work efficiently. [Link removed]

7 years ago
Reply to  Hana

Thanks for sharing Hana, sounds like you’ve got great focus and manage your time really well!

Ronny Howard
7 years ago

My wife is very much a planner. She is always on top of things and loves making lists. I am more on the doing side of things. I like that you mention that planning and doing work styles are equally valid in the workplace. I agree. It is neat to see how it help in our home as well having two different styles of getting things done!

7 years ago
Reply to  Ronny Howard

Thanks for the insight Ronny. Both styles are very different but we certainly think that they are equally as valid. I hope DropTask’s flexible approach is helping both you and your wife manage all of your various projects in one place 🙂


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