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November 19, 2014

The Perfect Pairing – Part 2: Combine Creativity & Productivity

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Ayoa | The Perfect Pairing – Part 2: Combine Creativity & Productivity
*PLEASE NOTE – iMindMap and DropTask are now the web-based software, Ayoa. Ayoa is an all-in-one whiteboard tool that combines mind mapping, task management and team collaboration features. Discover Ayoa and achieve your best work.*

Welcome to part two of ‘The Perfect Pairing’ where we take a closer look at our integration with iMindMap 7 Ultimate to bring you complete control when managing your ideas and planning your tasks.

In ‘The Perfect Pairing – Part 1’, we showed you how to apply a visual approach to thinking by developing a Mind Map full of ideas and possible solutions to your problems. Now you have these thoughts mapped out, it’s time to put them into action.

With a two-way integration you can easily transform free-flowing ideas from iMindMap 7 Ultimate into tasks that need to be actioned within DropTask PRO.  Easily manage your ideas from conception right through to completion in two seamlessly suited workspaces guaranteed to send productivity sky rocketing.

From iMindMap to DropTask

When exporting from iMindMap 7 Ultimate to DropTask, you have two options. You can either export a whole map which will convert into a project or just send over individual branches that will become actionable tasks.

Send individual ideas to DropTask

If you only wish to pursue a few ideas, select them in iMindMap to bring up the Branch Editor. By clicking the DropTask tab you can send the branch straight to DropTask where it will appear as a new task.

Send a whole Map to DropTask

If you’re ready for a real challenge, transform your entire map into a fully-fledged project by exporting it to DropTask. Main branches will be converted into groups and the descendent branches will become tasks.

Once your ideas are exported from iMindMap and converted into tasks, you can start getting things done. The visual and flexible design of DropTask makes keeping on top of things simple. Prioritize tasks and share the workload by assigning responsibilities to colleagues, and track progress as your project develops by viewing file attachments, adding comments and requesting updates, plus much more

From DropTask to iMindMap

When working through tasks you may find that some ideas need further development before you can continue to make progress on them. With DropTask PRO, you can easily export your DropTask project back into iMindMap.

After the export, your project will appear as a Mind Map where groups become key branches and tasks become subsequent child branches. And for continuity, the colors that are applied in DropTask will correspond with the branches in iMindMap.

With these two brilliant visual tools integrating effortlessly with one another, you have double the opportunity to be creative, organized and productive – whether it be at work, college or home.

Seamlessly integrate your DropTask PRO projects with iMindMap 7 Ultimate today.

Coming Soon…

With iMindMap 8 just around the corner, creative stimulation will be taken to another level with an all-new Brainstorming Mode, introducing a quick fire way to input ideas and images using sticky notes and pin boards.  Click here to find out more.

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