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June 18, 2015

Project Management: 5 Common Mistakes & How DropTask Can Help

by Ayoa posted in Uncategorized.

Ayoa | Project Management: 5 Common Mistakes & How DropTask Can Help
*PLEASE NOTE – DropTask is now Ayoa – an all-in-one tool for idea generation and collaboration, that goes beyond traditional task management. Discover Ayoa and achieve your best work.*

There’s always room for improvement to be more productive and driving personal development is something that we’re passionate about here at DropTask. With World Productivity Day (20th June) just around the corner, we’ve scoured the office and quizzed our team about what they believe are some of the most common mistakes that people make when it comes to organization and productivity. Read on to hear their thoughts, and be sure to share your own tips in the comments below.

1. Not Honestly Assessing Your Own Performance.

We are all human, after all.

DropTask’s visually engaging environment allows you to see not only what you have achieved, but also what’s left to do – giving you a good overview of your own personal progress. As DropTask allows you to visualize your workload, it drives you to perform better as you can easily identify if your time has been spent efficiently, judging by what still remains untouched. It’s all about helping you stay informed and allowing you to assess the performance of yourself and your team more effectively.

2. Taking Too Long Deciding What To Do Next.

Taking the time to digest large amounts of descriptive text so you can decide what to do next often requires more effort than it should. The visual nature of DropTask allows you to assign Cover Images to your tasks for instant image association, and combine this with the ability to set priority status and you’ll never find yourself unsure of what to do again. DropTask PRO users can go a step further by assigning Dependencies too. So, if a task cannot begin until another is complete, creating a visual link will clearly define the order in which tasks should be actioned.

3. Being Unaware Of What Others Are Doing.

DropTask allows you to monitor the activity of your team, and is an unobtrusive way of checking how your colleagues are progressing. You can avoid disturbing their workflow but still find out what tasks have been completed, what’s left to do and what they’re currently working on. With just a quick glance you’re able to see the importance, urgency and effort of your teams’ tasks too – which will help you if you’re delegating and want to avoid overloading team members who already have a lot on their plate.

4. Forgetting To Take Note.

An honest mistake such as this one can have a domino effect that impacts the entire team. When you’re using DropTask through any of our desktop, mobile or tablet apps, you can add tasks in an instant and even assign them to others so they’re never neglected. Assigning due dates and urgency couldn’t be easier, and with just a click of a button you can let your colleagues know what’s important right now and what can wait until tomorrow. What’s more, DropTask PRO users can comment on tasks to add specific instructions, tips for completion, or just a general update.

5. Trying To Do It All Yourself.

Whether it’s personal pride, an over-assumption, or perhaps fear of asking for help; trying to ‘bite off more than you can chew’ can be a big problem at work, especially when we all have individual strengths that we can combine to push us forward together. You don’t have to bear the burden – DropTask lets you share the workload with others and delegate appropriately amongst your team.  We even have a feature that lets you ‘see’ how much effort a task will require as task circles shrink down or expand accordingly.

Whether you’re working on a variety of collaborative projects or simply focusing on your day to day responsibilities; DropTask’s fluid and visual approach aims to help you avoid these 5 common mistakes so you can elevate your productivity and truly get the most from your working day.  Leave your desk feeling inspired and motivated; you’ll be well on your way to becoming a productivity expert in no time.

Sign up for free at www.droptask.com/signup and be sure to share your own tips with us below!

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