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March 31, 2022

Collaborate With Anyone With New Mind Map Sharing

by Nia Griffiths posted in Ayoa, Mind Mapping, New Update, Productivity.

Ayoa | Collaborate With Anyone With New Mind Map Sharing
Your creative ideas and knowledge deserve a platform to achieve more and reach more people. Here at Ayoa we’ve been working hard to help you share your knowledge with the world. With our brand new Mind Map Share feature, you can amplify, share, and develop your ideas with others, for free!

Read on to find out how you can inspire further creativity with friends, colleagues, or clients who don’t have Ayoa, and let them interact with your creations in their own browser.

how to improve your productivity and collaborate with others through our new Mind Map Sharing feature

Mind Map Sharing allows you to collaborate in the way you want to

Like you, we are dedicated to continued learning, knowledge sharing and group innovation. After all, great things are never done by just one person, but by the team of people they have around them. Make it happen by:

collaborate with others and boost your productivity by letting people comment, vote, and add branches to your mind map. Or set a password for more privacy

Creativity is at the heart of Ayoa, which is why this new feature has limitless creative potential. When you can share and collaborate with even more people, there’s no end to what your mind maps will be able to do:

Set yourself apart

Consultant or trainer? This new feature is the perfect way to set yourself apart among your clients and win you your next project. Showcase your innovative edge by using collaborative mind mapping technology which you can welcome them into without having to sign up, saving you time and money, and gaining you a swathe of credibility. Our templates for business make this even easier.

Improve your studies

Student? Share your lecture notes with friends, send a summary draft to a supervisor or tutor without having to export your files, or collaborate on group presentations without having to sign up any of your classmates to the app. Watch a video on how to use mind mapping for presentations, or check out our student templates for some inspiration!

Step into action

Agency? Maybe you’re marketing experts or bespoke kitchen designers who are entrusted with making a client’s vision a reality. How better to do this than by painting a picture of your plan of action? Invite your client into something special and safe (thanks to password protection) for them to share their comments on.

How will you use Mind Map Sharing? Spread the creativity by getting started in Ayoa. For more information, read our full guide.

Level up your creativity even more with our new Capture Maps tool, which allows you to harness your thinking at lightning speed

Achieve Your Best Work

Ayoa is an all-in-one platform that allows you to create high-quality work on your own, or collaborate seamlessly with others. Give yourself a creative edge, stay productive, and keep on top of what you need to do.

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Nia Griffiths

Nia is a finalist at the University of Cambridge, studying Education and Psychology. Her interests in play, creativity, and imagination led her to a role as a Digital Marketing Executive with Ayoa. Nia’s expertise in neurodiversity comes from lived experience as a person with ADHD, and from working with several charities that support neurodivergent individuals. In her spare time, she can mostly be found in the ocean.

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