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January 27, 2016

5 steps to successfully implement organizational change

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Ayoa | 5 steps to successfully implement organizational change
Technology, information and the global economy is growing at an increasingly rapid rate, so much so, that if you want to stay in the game and be successful in business, you must keep up to avoid being left in the dust. Change – and the ability to adapt, therefore, becomes essential for any organization wishing to remain competitive.
But change doesn’t come easy for everyone. Whether it’s fear, a lack of willingness to learn, or pressures of added workload and tasks, some people are resistant to any form of adjustment to their ‘routine’. Meaning when faced with the task of implementing a new system for your team, it may become a formidable challenge to say the least. So, to help smooth the process, we’ve got 5 ways to help you overcome those challenges and successfully implement a ‘new way’ system in your workplace.

1. Set Expectations

Change is often resisted in organizations because people feel it is being forced upon them – they’re happy with the current way of doing things or they have preconceptions based on past experiences. Underlying all of these reasons, you’re likely to find unclear or mismatched expectations – meaning people will operate based on their preferences and their habits. One of the most critical factors to get employees to buy into the change is communication. You should deliver clear, specific and unambiguous communication about what you expect from your team – and how it is to be achieved.

2. Convey your Vision

When communicating with your team it’s important to let them know the ‘whys’ of the change and not just the ‘how’. By explaining the benefits of the new system and the problem you’re trying to solve – such as your old methods are ‘losing relevance’, are not ‘efficient’ enough, or you need to move forward with the ‘latest trends’, they’ll be better informed and more likely to be understanding and supportive of the change.

3. Gain Consensus

In order for change to be accepted, it helps to gain support from those at the top of the organization, such as those who hold greater influence and potentially represent different departments.  Having key influencers on board will help when rolling out the new system to the rest of the team, because without them buying into the change, you’re likely to face barriers during the process and encounter disagreements amongst key decision makers.

4. Listen to Others

Organizational change expert Peter Senge noted, “People don’t resist change. They resist being changed!” Employees may actually be open to change, but if it is forced upon them, they’re likely to obstinate. You should involve your employees at every stage of the process – ask them for feedback, listen to their ideas and answer any questions they may have. You’ll remove any doubts or uncertainties and may discover ways to improve the process – making the transition to the new system seamless and smooth.

5. Provide Support

Despite efforts, some people simply don’t like the change and will try to shoot the new system down. But a helping hand in the form of training, will help them learn how to use the new system and make them feel supported – which can help during the transitional period. It’s worth noting that this shouldn’t be a one-off practice either, as regular communication and support should be offered to maintain understanding and confidence for a new way of working. Already using DropTask in your organization? Leave us a comment below and let us know your top tips to introducing change! (You may like to follow the 5 steps above to effectively introduce DropTask to your team. Sign up for free today at www.droptask.com/signup.)

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Nikhil Joseph
Nikhil Joseph
8 years ago

Creating a change with employee is a difficult task.
Awareness on change is very important well said on each step.
Technology has developed we need to reorganize the structure.


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