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iMindMap Ultimate is our full feature Mind Mapping and visual thinking software. Unlock all seven of our powerful views - Mind Map, Brainstorm, Radial Map, Organisational Chart, Time Map, Fast Capture & Presentation View.


iMindMap is our legacy product, and is no longer available to purchase. Discover our latest tool, Ayoa, for the next generation of powerful and innovative Mind Mapping.

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Neil Quiogue

Quote Begin'iMindMap is one of the most useful organisational tools that I use on a daily basis. An invaluable tool in helping me succeed at work.'Quote End

Neil Quiogue PopCap Games


iMindMap Ultimate


Radial Map View

Make information meaningful and display data beautifully. Breakdown complex plans and visually manage projects with adaptable Radial Maps. Use adaptable coloured nodes to show importance and double click to focus on key areas.

Radial Map View
Org. Charts View

Organisational Chart View

Create a top-down view of hierarchical information using Organisational Charts. Structure plans and data in an easy-to-follow format and make quick edits whenever they’re needed. Toggle between a linear or tree-like layout.


Time Map View

Switch to Time Map View to turn ideas into reality. Assemble project to-dos along a visually rich and interactive timeline and manage them from inspiration to completion. Use the current time indicator to stay on track and productive.

Free-form Brainstorming
Fast Capture

Full Fast Capture View

Don’t let a great idea pass you by. Capture your thoughts in our quickest workspace, Fast Capture View, with Bubble Web and Bubble Groups. Build a connected web of ideas, then bring some visual order to your best thinking.


Brainstorm View

iMindMap is the only Mind Mapping software featuring a free-form Brainstorm View, to help you sort ideas before developing them. Use sticky notes on an infinite canvas to build on ideas or create a digital project story board.

Free-form Brainstorming

Powerful Mind Map View

iMindMap allows you to create flexible and creative Mind Maps. Channel your creativity and include icons, images and even link to other files, webpages and more.


Presentation View

Design and deliver memorable presentations with iMindMap’s Presentation View. Utilise a full range of features to ensure your presentation looks professional, with 3D View, templates, slide notes, slick transitions and more.

Memorable Presentations

Real-time task management

Get your ideas across the finish line. Seamlessly transform ideas into actions with iMindMap’s integration with visual task management app, DropTask. Learn More


Export options

iMindMap Ultimate can effortlessly export your maps into clean Word documents, spreadsheets, PowerPoint, webpages, images and more. iMindMap Ultimate integrates with Google Drive, Evernote and Dropbox.

Export Formats
Outline Panel

Quicker navigation

Working in sync in Mind Map, Time Map, Radial Map, Org. Chart, Mind Map, Fast Capture and Brainstorm views, use the Outline Panel to locate and sort your work. You can drag and drop ideas from the canvas into the panel before editing them with ease.



Tom McDermott

Quote Begin'No other Mind Map software affords the ability to quickly gather thoughts, brainstorm, develop and flesh out new ideas. Both functional and fun to use!'Quote End

Tom McDermott UCD Michael Smurfit Business School