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  • FileSync

    From 12th July 2022 onwards, iMindMap Cloud users will no longer be able to sync changes to existing maps or create new maps online. Their existing maps will still show in the app and be available to download/open locally/export.

    Desktop and mobile app users will not be able to sync any map changes, new maps or folders to iMindMap Cloud. They will still be able to see their existing maps and make changes to them locally.

    Web app users ( will see an error when they try to create a new map/folder in the app or try to edit an existing map.

  • Contacts

    From 12th July 2022 onwards, iMindMap users will not be able to add any new contacts in the desktop, mobile and web apps.

  • Image Search

    After 12th July 2022 image search will be unavailable to desktop, mobile and web app users.

  • Public Map Viewer

    Publicly shared maps will no longer be accessible after the 12th July 2022. This means that links used to share public maps will no longer work.

January 2023 will see all support for iMindMap products end, including system updates. iMindMap’s success for over 16 years will be embodied by it’s legacy of proving the value of creative thinking being established in every part of life. This will be realised in Ayoa. Building upon the foundation of desktop mind mapping, Ayoa gifts creative minds with more flexibility and innovative tools than ever before through technology which allows both real-time collaboration and seamless access across every device.

Ayoa CEO, Chris Griffiths, is the world-leading expert in mind mapping in business. He co-authored the book, Mind Maps for Business, with inventor of mind mapping, Tony Buzan. In 2006, Chris brought the hand-drawn mind map into the digital world for the first time with iMindMap.

After over 16 years of development, experience and expertise, iMindMap evolved into a web app to create Ayoa.

With a unique combination of enhanced mind mapping, task management and real-time collaboration features alongside modern technology such as artificial intelligence, Ayoa has become a leading tool used by many of the world’s top thinkers and most reputable companies including the BBC.

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The next branch of your
mind map journey

Ayoa mind maps

Mind mapping has always been about the pursuit of boosting your mind’s performance. Whether it’s for creativity, organisation, memory or anything else – mind mapping will support your cognitive abilities.

With Ayoa, we’ve built upon the principles of mind mapping to ensure that you can take all of its brilliance into every area of your life, no matter where you are!



Flexible, intuitive, colorful, visual

That’s what you will find in Ayoa’s mind maps, task boards and whiteboards, gifting you with a full-suite of mind map inspired tools to do your best work!

Mind map view

Speed map

Unlock the potential of your creative thinking in a split second with a structured easy-to-use mind map.

Canvas view

Canvas view

Display tasks and projects in this colorful bubble canvas that’s sure to inspire creativity.

Radial map view

Radial map

This pie-chat style map is perfect for setting goals or visualizing the steps in a project.

Whiteboards view


Visualize any project in Ayoa’s digital whiteboard view using sticky notes, annotations and more.

Flowcharts view

Capture Maps

Capture ideas as quickly as they enter your brain to explore endless possibilities.

Organic maps view

Organic maps

Super-creative organic mind maps use adjustable, curved branches to support your natural thinking processes.


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No longer imagine what you can achieve, visualize and do it all with:



Generate Ideas logo

The world’s only Mind Mapping with AI


Use one of the largest deep learning networks ever created to generate unique and innovative ideas for anything you can think of.

  • Ask the right questions
  • Breeze past blocks
  • Explore new angles
  • Unlock problems
  • Mind map in full flow

*Ultimate only.




Whatever style see your ideas flow

Seamlessly switch between structured Speed Maps or visually stimulating Organic Maps whenever you like.


Ayoa speed mind maps professional
Ayoa organic traditional mind maps
Drag the slider



Innovation in your pocket

ayoa on every device

Where does your inspiration strike? Is it always when sat at your desk? Or is it when you’re on the move, out and about? No matter when your creativity begins to flow, be assured that Ayoa and all of your favourite mind maps will always be on hand.

Available from the Apple Store and Google Play, take the swiss-army knife of innovation with you wherever you go.




The gift of sharing ideas

A picture says a thousand words. That goes for not only your mind maps but also the faces of others when you share with them your mind maps for free. Light the creative spark in others by inviting them to collaborate with you in Ayoa for free!

ayoa collaborative mind mapping



Your mind maps which
keep on giving

Import from imindmap

Found a process which works for you but is maybe becoming a bit too familiar? Bring your iMindMap mind maps directly into Ayoa for a combination all mind mappers love – building upon the best to uncover the new.





How can I get started?

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