Banish unproductive meetings for good

We’ve all been there; those meetings that seem to have no direction, and that ultimately veer off-topic. The key to successful meetings boils down to how you actually conduct them. With chat, task management, mind mapping and collaboration tools, turn your meetings into resourceful sessions that produce great results, every time.

Develop an effective agenda - Mind Mapping Software - Ayoa

Develop an effective agenda

Create a structured plan with clear objectives using our templates that you can share with your team.

Brainstorm ideas collaboratively - Mind Mapping Software - Ayoa

Brainstorm ideas collaboratively

Develop great ideas by capturing them instantly in a Mind Map, then grow them together as a team.

Successful campaign management - Mind Mapping Software - Ayoa

Take minutes and notes instantly

Save time writing up post-meeting notes by capturing ideas as soon as they’re spoken, so nothing is lost.

set clear actions

Set clear actions

Define clear next steps and responsibilities by adding team members to tasks in a shared Task Board.

stay on track of time

Stay on track of time

Avoid your meeting from overrunning by setting clear goals and working collaboratively in an interactive workspace.


Keep your team engaged

Ayoa’s visual interface will keep your team engaged and actively contributing to a workspace you can take back to your desk.

The visual presentation of Ayoa is engaging and fun! There is a huge variety of ways in which tasks and projects can be displayed. Having one trusted system where all action points can be gathered and processed is helpful, productive and minimises stress.
Donald M - Ayoa customer, via Capterra

Meeting agenda

Create a meeting agenda

Our meeting agenda templates will keep you collectively focused on your end goals. Ayoa’s Mind Maps and Task Boards provide the perfect space for you to establish the key items of your agenda, then prioritize these – so your meeting has a defined structure that your whole team can follow.

Capture ideas in a Mind Map

Never miss a thing and capture everything discussed in Ayoa’s creative and collaborative Mind Maps. Designed to encourage creative thinking, Mind Maps provide the ideal tool to build on your team’s contributions to uncover your next light bulb idea.

Capture Ideas
Clear steps as tasks

Set clear next steps as tasks

Leave your meeting knowing exactly who is responsible for each next action. In Ayoa’s Task Boards, create tasks that you can assign directly to your colleagues, so you and your team can work collaboratively in one dynamic and customizable workspace.

Get instant updates on task progress

Ayoa’s visual task management features make combining creativity and productivity a breeze. Track and manage tasks from start to finish with ease, by adding Due Dates, Checklists, Progress Status and more. Get notifications on any updates, so you’re always informed of every action.

Updates on task progress

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