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Ayoa is your complete design thinking toolkit

Design thinking is an iterative problem-solving process that puts customer experience at the heart of everything you do. Commonly used by design teams, this process requires you to effectively identify what your users’ need by redefining their problems and generating innovative solutions.

Design Thinking involves five different stages: Empathize, Define, Ideate, Prototype and Test. Ayoa is an online whiteboard that combines powerful mind mapping with task management capabilities and collaboration features, so you can seamlessly move through each stage of the process in one flexible design thinking tool.


Generate great solutions

Whether you’re producing a problem statement or devising innovative solutions, Ayoa has everything you need to think creatively. Choose from 3 mind mapping styles, then use colors, imagery and interconnecting branches to brainstorm winning ideas.

See every goal in your Radial Map
Break big tasks down in Radial Maps

Make your ideas a reality

Ready to put your solutions into practice? Create a dedicated task board for your project, then turn the branches of your mind maps into manageable tasks. Easily delegate these tasks to others, add start and due dates, set reminders, and track your progress.

Collaborate with ease

Work seamlessly with your team, even when you’re physically apart. Invite other people to your task boards and mind maps, then ensure everyone is always in the loop with notes, comments, checklists, and our instant messaging feature, Ayoa Chat.

Change the sizes of goals in your Radial Map
Customize the segments in your Radial Map

Everything in one place

Ayoa is your complete design thinking toolkit. Easily organize every task board and mind map related to a specific project in one folder, and ensure your team has access to any information they need by attaching files to tasks and the branches of your mind maps.

Ayoa is a formidable tool that helps me from start to end in all my design thinking projects. It is a great support during the empathy phase as it is extremely collaborative, as well as during the creative process as it is easy to use and highly intuitive. Ayoa is also a must for the more structured processes of selecting and planning ideas in task boards, such as during the prototyping or testing stages.
Daniel Lança Perdigão, Design Thinking Expert

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