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Don’t just take our word for it, see how Ayoa is already helping thousands every day:

“Ayoa truly is a game changer because it adapts itself to neurodivergent people in its conception – it is not just an afterthought.”

Olivia Raymond
Founder of C-HQ

“In the short time I have used Ayoa, it has dramatically helped me manage being an adult woman with ADHD.”

Victoria Bergeron
Ayoa user

“Ayoa is visually stunning in comparison to anything else out there. As a visual person, it’s a match made in heaven for me.”

Callum Gamble
Director at Kreative Inc. Agency

“I have used Ayoa for moving home, writing a grant proposal and planning a series of long hikes with my autistic social group.”

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How does Ayoa help?

Ayoa visual learning

Promotes visual learning

Visual learning plays a leading role in how neurodivergent people process information. It’s also renowned for its ability to increase our creativity, with 70% to 90% of information received by the brain being through visual channels.

  • Organise ideas visually across mind maps, task boards and whiteboards.
  • Add images, videos and files for visual stimuli.
  • Visual indicators on tasks, such as urgency and importance tags.
  • Use our intuitive drag and drop functionality.

Flexible approach for all

Ayoa is designed for all individuals and teams to work together in the same place. Our flexible approach allows neurotypical and neurodivergent people to work together in the way that suits them.

  • Choose between four unique mind map styles to aid your thinking.
  • Choose between three task board styles to suit your working preference.
  • Easily switch between different views at any time.
  • Speed keys available for keyboard navigation and control.

“Everything contributes to helping us be more productive, efficient and find a common language with neurotypical people.”
Olivia Raymond, Founder of C-HQ

Ayoa is customizable
Awesome accessibility

Eliminate distractions

Work can get busy – but distractions can make it especially difficult for neurodivergent people to focus. Ayoa’s intuitive design helps you to cut out the clutter and organise your work with ease.

  • Show/hide information on mind maps to reduce distractions.
  • Use handy tabs within tasks to break down complex information, such as notes, checklists and more.
  • Change the background colours of mind maps and boards for easy reading.
  • Use Brainstorm solo mode on mind maps to focus on your own ideas before collaborating with others.
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The world’s only Mind Mapping with AI


Can’t start or finish a tricky task? Don’t know how to approach a project? Feel completely lost with the next step? Allow AI to offer a helping hand.

  • Ask the right questions
  • Breeze past blocks
  • Explore new angles
  • Unlock problems
  • Banish brain fog
  • Mind map in full flow

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Unrivaled flexibility

Whether you’re brainstorming ideas, presenting in meetings, or managing tasks, Ayoa provides you with flexibility and intuitive working methods every step of the way.


Mind maps

Brainstorming ideas for a project? Taking notes in a meeting? Visually map out your ideas to boost your organisation and ability to think creatively.

Mind Maps video thumbnail

How to use mind maps



Whether you’re working alone or with a team, holding a meeting or planning a project, you can now do it all in Ayoa.

Whiteboards video thumbnail

How to use whiteboards


new button


Inspired by the traditional Kanban board, this visual task board view lets you manage your projects and workflows in a simple, linear format.

Workflow video thumbnail

How to use workflow



Discover a more creative way to manage your work. With your tasks presented as colourful bubbles, canvas view makes it easy to visualize your tasks.

Canvas video thumbnail

How to use canvas


Gantt timeline

Working on a project with multiple milestones? Put your tasks into a clear and easily adaptable Gantt chart to stay on top of your changing priorities.

Gantt video thumbnail

How to use gantt timeline



Ready to make every goal a reality? Present your aims and ideas in a visual pie-chart and stay motivated by seeing your priorities at a glance.

Radial video thumbnail

How to use radial maps





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Designed for diversity of thought

Diverse ideas discover alternative paths, they break moulds, they lead to breakthroughs. Discover how Ayoa’s neuro-inclusive design makes it a tool which helps different types of people work together to achieve their best work.

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