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August 12, 2013

5 Ways in which DropTask encourages Academic Productivity

by Ayoa posted in Miscellaneous.

Ayoa | 5 Ways in which DropTask encourages Academic Productivity
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Being a student in today’s technologically advanced world brings forward endless opportunities for various educational techniques and teaching methods to be employed in the classroom. The diverse approaches that academic institutions employ almost always aim to achieve one sought after result – an increase in productivity and performance represented through better grades.

It could be argued that achieving this is down to several variable factors, and undoubtedly even a teacher or professor’s involvement can have a direct impact on the end result.  So in today’s blog, we’ll explore 5 different ways in which a visual task management application such as DropTask can encourage productivity in the classroom for both students and teachers.

1.   Manage all your notes in one place

Folders, files and notepads are fine if you’re in a hurry.  However, when it comes to your personal organisation and preparation, there’s always at least one mid-assignment moment where you find yourself looking for notes that you’d made months ago.  Whether you’re searching through emails or delving into your archives, valuable time that could be used to complete your assignment or prepare for an exam is instead being spent on a treasure hunt that may never pay off. So wouldn’t it be great to keep all of your notes in one easy-to-access place?

With DropTask, you can create different projects that reflect your different classes, and then add different tasks to represent your assignments. How you use DropTask to suit your needs is your preference, but within your project you have the option to attach files and images from your Computer, Google Drive or even Dropbox, which really simplifies the way in which you can store and categorise all of your notes.

2.  Communicate with your peers

Everyone knows the importance of communication, but when it comes to education whether you’re a student or a teacher, it can make all the difference to your overall classroom confidence.  Within DropTask, you are able to add comments and communicate with whoever you choose to share your project with. This feature provides you with a brilliant opportunity to ask questions and stay connected to those you are working closely with, whilst still maintaining a professional peer to peer relationship. You can also personalise DropTask by uploading your picture to represent you, or use your initials as an avatar.

3.  Engage in your assignments 

When you use DropTask you have the option to create projects, groups and tasks and assign different colours to each of your areas of interest. When it comes to your studies, whether you’re an artist or an analytical thinker, DropTask provokes you to engage with what you’re doing by stimulating both sides of your brain. This helps turn even the most tiresome assignment into a thought provoking and visual embodiment.

4.  De-stress – Manage your deadlines

Juggling your deadlines can sometimes be a very difficult and stressful task, especially if you spend more time counting down the days rather than productively working towards your next step. Use the ‘set a due date’ feature on DropTask to manage your next deadline. It may even be a good idea to set your own personal deadlines to manage all of the different aspects of research you’ll need to carry out in completing an assignment, and tick them off as you go along so you can track your progress.

5.  Don’t feel overwhelmed

DropTask has been designed to give you an opportunity to use a visual task management application that’s going to support and assist you with managing your productivity. Its user-friendly interface allows you to get stuck in straight away, and its versatility allows you to use it to manage various projects, presentations, assignments or even performance schedules. Using features to set status, priority and effort can simplify the steps you take to reach your end result (whether it’s an assignment or an exam). You’ll soon find that you can curb that overwhelming feeling of getting closer to a deadline, and instead give a boost to your confidence.

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