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Work with your ADHD, not against it. Discover a new way to live in harmony with your brain.

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Avoid ADHD burnout

There’s no magic solution to the problems you face when you have ADHD. But we’re taking steps to help. Ayoa simplifies how you use technology, which means less apps, less distraction, less overwhelm.

Try an all-in-one app that really has everything you need.

Mind maps


Canvas view


Gantt chart

Dyslexia view


Capture maps




A clock, a planner, and a calendar for organisation

Organise your life

This isn’t just a bog standard task management app – it’s designed to work with neurodivergent brains like yours.

This app gives you a truly flexible foundation to build stronger habits and routines, so you can become the person you’ve always wanted to be.



Play while you work

Allow yourself to be be fully creative, and Ayoa will help you keep important tasks in mind.

Have fun while you manage everything through Ayoa. With work, study, and life in one space, nothing is out of sight or out of mind.

A checklist to work with your adhd through play



A mind map that has 'start' in the middle of it

Know where to start

Defeat task paralysis once and for all, knowing where and when to begin even the most intimidating tasks.

Some days are harder than others. With Ayoa, become more flexible in how you approach the world, so that you can always plan ahead.



Meet every deadline

Get everything done in advance with Ayoa. Use an app that supports your time blindness and actually understands.

A calendar which shows the deadlines you can meet with ayoa


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  • Completely free
  • Unlimited Mind Maps
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Everything you need all in one place


switch views to master your revision technique

Create your space

Ayoa is completely customisable, so you can create a space that works with your thinking. The sky is the limit.

present mode lets you revise by teaching others easily

Track progress

Know exactly where you are with a task, making sure that nothing is out of sight or mind. Innovation is creativity in action, after all.

task boards for revision

Focus on tasks

Ayoa helps you set reminders, prioritise, and meet due dates. Get where you need to be, without getting overwhelmed.


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AI: The future of ideas is here today

Can’t start or finish a tricky task? Don’t know how to approach a project? Feel completely lost with the next step?

Allow AI to offer a helping hand.

*Available in Ayoa Ultimate only.

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Easy to use

Harness high-powered tech with swift ease. You don’t need to be a computer scientist to use AI to your advantage.

Solve any problem icon

Solve any problem

Don’t know where to begin? Let Ayoa spark off several possibilities to get you off and running.

Banish writers block icon

Banish brain fog

Tired of staring idly at a blank page? Use AI to plan and work sustainably, getting you over the first hurdle.


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Ayoa devices for changing your brain

Get 10x more done

Ayoa is transforming how you live. Work with your brain, boost your productivity, and get the results you were always meant to have.

Join the thousands of other people with ADHD using Ayoa to change how they approach the world, with a free 7 day trial.

  • Completely free
  • Unlimited Mind Maps
  • Upgrade anytime

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