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Ayoa & OPN

Ayoa is passionate about innovative entrepreneurialism. Whilst this is great to see within companies of all sizes, it’s never purer than when thriving within startups. Given the desire startups have to disrupt a space, Ayoa provides founders and ambitious teams with the tools they need to not only capture their creative thinking but also expand upon it and turn it into meaningful action which will transform the world.

Ayoa all in one

Built upon the foundation of mind maps, work flexibly in Ayoa’s collaborative whiteboards, task boards and mind maps to promote creative productivity within your team. Achieve lift off and beyond today with Ayoa for startups – your innovation suite for getting things done!

How to apply

If you’re embarking on your journey as a fledgling startup, kudos to you. The innovative spirit of Ayoa likes nothing more! That’s why through partnering with OPN.ninja, Ayoa is offering 30% off its Ultimate subscription to startups.

Send your details and a member of the Ayoa team will be in touch shortly to apply your 30% lifetime discount.

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Qualifying Criteria

Not currently an Ayoa user

No higher than Series B funded

Innovative startup desire

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What you will receive

Lifetime 30% off Ayoa Ultimate

Access the world’s leading innovation hub

Momentous productivity gains