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Effectively plan, revise and prepare for GCSE

Being one of the major exams in early student life, GCSEs can seem daunting at first and the fear might lead to procrastination. You may not know where to start and how to revise so many subjects at once. But with the right tools at hand, you can make GCSEs a walk in the park.

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Revise effectively for GCSE and prepare to score high grades.

Secure high grades

Score better by doing the fundamentals in Ayoa – start early, plan well, and stick to your plan all the way to GCSE success.

Take small steps towards success as you revise effectively for GCSE

Take small steps

Reward yourself after attaining every small goal and recognise your achievement of continued learning with Ayoa’s visual cues.

Work in groups and revise effectively for GCSE

Collaborative study

Studying in groups is effective if no time is wasted. Connect virtually with your friends via Ayoa and avoid distractions.

Stay calm while you revise effectively for GCSE

Stay calm

Ayoa ensures you don’t panic 2 months or even one day before your GCSEs by preparing you for each adventure in advance.



Unlock features made for revising:

Revise effectively for GCSE, using task boards for time tables

Task board

Use task boards to create a timetable before you kick off your revision. Set start and due dates and make sure you stick to the schedule. Divide the tasks in columns like ‘Now’, ‘Next’ and ‘Soon’ for better output.

Track your progress and revise effectively for GCSE

Progress Bar

Set small goals and reward yourself with breaks when you complete them. Watch your progress bar and motivation steadily grow as you tackle difficult subjects before gliding confidently through easy ones.

Revise effectively for GCSE by teacheing your friends through the presentation mode in Ayoa.


Present your notes to your friends to explain and learn different sections you are struggling with. Working collaboratively in this way is a proven way of retaining information for longer in your brain.

Revise effectively for GCSE with sticky notes

Sticky notes

Quick-fire colourful sticky notes to record all the notes you need, reducing the risk of forgetting them later. Stack, shuffle and re-organise them within whiteboards so they are ready and rearing to go for one day revision.



Ayoa devices

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Ayoa is set to provide you with all the resources you might need while revising for your exams. Use them and achieve the success you deserve!

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