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First step to writing an essay: Planning

Planning essays using mind maps has always been the best way to start the essay writing process. Mind maps help you dive into topics you might overlook and miss out on. With a digital mind mapping platform like Ayoa, we assure you that not one stone will be left unturned. Whatever you’re wishing to explore in your essay, with mind maps you will quite literally be able to branch into the most original arguments.

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Easy first steps

Capture your initial ideas without fussing over formatting or the view of the mind map. Take your time to build on these ideas, use colour coding to differentiate and prioritise.

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Know your topic

Polish your mind map by seeing it in different views to better understand your topic and where it’s heading. Make it more formal or playful, depending on your topic.

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Prepare a timetable

Prepare a timetable and schedule tasks to get an idea of time required for the entire process, so that your essay is developed throughout and has no weak points.

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Essay writing

Simplify essay writing by converting your planning mind map into a Word document at a click of a button, giving you the perfect structure to add finishing touches.



Unlock features made for essay planning:

Ayoa capture map

Capture maps

Use Capture maps to gather all the initial ideas you have before they vanish from your memory. Colour code and highlight to divide them into different parts of your essay.

Different views

Use different views to convert your ideas into well-connected mind maps and add branches as required. Link all your ideas together and plan out each section in detail.

Task boards

Schedule tasks according to priority and flag them according to urgency, on your linked task board in Ayoa. Keep track of your progress with this feature.


Export your mind map into Word docs to seamlessly move your expansive visual thinking into a linear format ripe for submission which is brimming with creative excellence.



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