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The perfect revision app for your exams

Tired of downloading 5 different apps just for revision? One for note-making, one for scheduling, another for discussions with your friends, sound familiar? It can be exhausting shuffling through all of them, while trying to focus on your work. Ayoa has all the tools you need whilst revising in one platform.

Cut out needless app switching to maximise your time, learning and grades


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Get better grades

You won’t need to open any other app while revising because you have found the perfect one that provides all the tools you need.

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Stay on track

Don’t lose a second of valuable revision time by planning and tracking each of your to-do lists in Ayoa’s flexible task boards which adapt to your progress.

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Remember more

Recall every single detail within just one app through Ayoa’s layered note taking options – from keywords, to notes, to Word docs.

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Stay up to date

Late to hear about the latest study hack or exam spec? Never again with Ayoa’s free real-time collaboration sharing functionality.



Unlock features made for revising:

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Express the full extent of your learning style and personality in versatile whiteboards to make revising fun and effective. Collect important notes, mind maps, and more in one place with Ayoa’s whiteboards.

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Task boards

Plan, schedule, and achieve your work using task boards. Stick to your schedule not only through reminders but also through motivation with Ayoa’s visual progress tracker and congratulatory messages!

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Love adding notes to self for future reference? With Ayoa, you can leave time-stamped comments in any task, add important links or memory triggering images, ensuring you don’t miss any information.

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Mind map sharing

We live in an age of sharing and if you aren’t able to share your work with your friends and discuss virtually, something’s definitely wrong. Share and study collaboratively via mind maps for free in Ayoa!



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Ready to ace your exams?

Ayoa is the ultimate solution to all the obstacles you might face on your revision journey. Use creativity to enhance your productivity, and work with others, all in one app to improve your grades!

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